Did IMF BUY Julian Assange’s ARREST? – The END Of Journalism

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the horrifying nature of Julian Assange’s arrest and the true reason behind the timing of the arrest itself.
Assange has shown himself to be a true journalist, never releasing a fake story, not attempting to benefit his own viewpoint and simply allowing the flow of information to reach the eyes and ears of the populace regardless of what party it helps or hurts.
The precedent being set by agents arresting Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London is a giant red flag. It essentially says, it doesn’t matter if you leak evidence of terrible things the government does, that transparency means you should spend years of your life in a cage. It’s a sickening notion but nonetheless, it’s what is happening right now as Assange looks at potentially being extradited to the United States where President Trump loudly proclaims “Wikileaks isn’t my thing.” following the arrest. This is despite him saying he loved Wikileaks during the election when it benefited him.
But why now? Why did Assange get arrested now? Well, interestingly at the end of February, Ecuador was granted a $4.2 billion loan with a total financial package of $10.2 billion. That includes a bailout as the bond market was crushed in recent days in Ecuador. Well, the bond market recovered and shortly after, Assange is arrested.
The joke is on Ecuador considering the IMF will essentially buy them up, take over their resources and destroy the country entirely. But that’s another story.
If we sit idly by and watch a person like Assange get thrown in a cage for as much as 5 years, we are apathetic and weak. How could we allow this to happen? This as Chelsea Manning sits in prison as well.
So we have decided that the people who do terrible things to other people on the other side of the planet with joysticks are fine, but the people who expose it deserve to sit in a cage for most of their life? Time to assess our true priorities here…

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

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  • Ricky Sparks

    Everyone is talking about it at Coachella and SoCal in general…. they had to shut off cnn/Fox in the lobby from complaints

  • Schlau Urheber

    What does it say when a true hero, a mountain of character that towers above all who make up the UK and USA governments is forcibly enslaved, when the Police Forces of the world pull an Adolph Hitler-Mussolini-Tse Tung, and Stalin-rolled-into-‘one’ NWO fascist movement in front of The LORD and the whole world? It says that there’s no hope for humanity; the final solution to man’s rule under Satan is soon coming to a close but at a price never before seen: 90% of the so-called Western-style civilizations will cease. Here’s something to ponder: The UK is a dying nation of imbeciles, of perverted chauvinists, a poor nation depending on trade-concessions, that is nothing but a small island off mainland Europe; a nation that has been over-run by foreigners; a nation that has NO moral code; a nation that will soon see Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands removed from their domination; a nation that cares not about its citizens, only about the fallacy of a broken United Nation’s Doctrine envisioning a One World Government with the rich elites in control (the German’s EU will soon have much to say about who trade with whom). Can such a nation as the UK continue as a weak, diluted, putrid bag of cesspool garbage? Germany will answer that question this year when it forces the UK into servitude to the EU, a combined force that will lose eighteen of its members but will solidify into a steel-block of Ten Nations with the others begging for Associate Membership. The President of Ireland recently stated that the European Union consists of far more people than the USA. Also he stated that the Trading Power of the EU handily surpasses Red China (everything sold in the USA and UK to their peoples are manufactured in China at this time). With Germany controlling all of Europe through the EU, a ring of fire will be established around the tiny island of England prohibiting trade with any country outside of the EU Block but limited to only what the EU allows the UK to trade in and where its facilities can operate. Think it can’t happen? Time will tell; a very short time. What countries are fat with gold, silver, oil and gas? The EU boasts of huge amounts of gold and silver. Russia, an ally of Germany (EU) has already got a gas line (natural and otherwise) going to Europe. Great changes are taking place on the international scene but the nazi propaganda-controlling companies have a ‘blackout blanket’ covering the minds of everyone in the USA so that they only see, hear or read what the Propaganda Conglomerates allow them. BRICS has a purpose which is to remove the US Dollar from Reserve Status; it will happen soon.

  • MrRyan1967

    You guys are confused. It’s all part of the “PLAN”. Optics. Look at the book he was holding and the big thumbs up and smile when he was on the bus. TRUST THE PLAN. You speak a mile a minute. SLOW DOWN AND THINK! Q sent me! Lots of confused people out there.

  • 123tominator007

    Ecuador will have to pay back the IMF with all its natural resources, (gold) etc. Win win for big banks, lose lose for assange.

  • Schlau Urheber

    Could the ‘kill switch’ be bluff? Could the Police State have found out that there’s no kill switch? Makes sense, right?

  • Steve P

    I was watching a television show here in Australia, where you’d think Assange would have some sympathy and concern from fellow journalists. The name of the show was “The Project” and all they did was laugh and mock him and his predicament. The very people that pretend to report news cannot see the serious implications of Assanges’ arrest. Australia is a ship of fools.

  • Schlau Urheber

    Sigurdson & Sneisen, you must know that the people can only do what the ‘State’ allows, nothing more or less. A gun is pointed at the heads of anyone who resists; Julian Assange is living proof as well as is R.L. Finicum. Making guns/ammunition unlawful is the final and ultimate game plan to physically place everyone in the USA at the mercy of the State. Currently, the State is trying to use the passive method of removing individual rights to own and keep weapons by passing laws. If enough state/local laws can be passed and enough Marxists/Communist/Muslims can be put in Congress, then the passive method will work. But plan B is force like what was witnessed in New Orleans just after Hurricane Karina. There may be a few that will stand up to ‘force’ but very, very few.

  • Michael Scott

    The Peasants are revolting & so we should. We are going to have to fight for our Freedom. It’s time to stand up & be counted. Best way to beat the bastards @ IMF is everyone take savings out of banks & into gold, silver & cryptos. Then they will take notice real quick. βœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŒβœŒβœŒβœŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€πŸ’šπŸ’šβ€β€πŸ’šπŸ’šβ€β€πŸ’šπŸ’š

  • Charlie's Cartoons

    This was not journalism, there is no way Assange can claim journalism.
    He published protected and classified information, that does not provide him journalistic immunity.
    Clinton was most affected by Assange and now that President Trump is able to look backward into the Russia investigation, he has moved Assange to protect him as he will most likely be a key witness to the Clinton/Obama administration which includes many of the intelligence.
    Trump has always been against the Iraq war and has spoken publicly denouncing it, he even told the swamp during one of Republican debates how George Bush lied to the American public.
    Trump is a very wise man to do this right before 2020, even Greg Craig is now under investigation….

    Watch and learn from this president

  • Hammer Home

    5:18 Buys them for FREE , money is is only worth the free electrons in the computer. Then invade if you don’t give them your valuable tangible assets … biggest scam in history. IMO

  • Neil Salmon

    There may very well be a convenient “stroke” or Julian Assange will be “suicided” while in US custody to hide the truth of the crimes of so many criminal “elite’s” in the US government . It won’t just be five years in prison as the US government can tack on espionage charges which could carry the death penalty or life in prison and solitary confinement , a death penalty in itself . If you’re still on it , it’s time to get off the corrupt Trump train which is taking America off the cliff into the abyss of evil .

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