On January 20th, 2016, Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media met with Don Woodstock and his wife Kathy Harris at the Manitoba Legislative Building to talk about an exclusive story. Don Woodstock who was in the middle of a media firestorm during the Federal Election as he ran for the Green Party of Canada has been kicked from the party. Don ran in the Winnipeg Centre riding against incumbent Pat Martin and Robert-Falcon Ouellette. Pat Martin ended up in a rather large controversy during the election after he elbowed Don Woodstock during a debate and called him a series of names. It was all caught on video and it basically marked the end to Pat Martin’s campaign.
According to Don Woodstock, the Green Party does not like that he is so vocal and doesn’t get lead like a sheep by his party. He believes the Green Party has deep loyalist roots with the NDP and that it angered them that he was so “hard” on Pat Martin.
Don Woodstock was previously booted from the Liberal Party for asking too many questions and spoke in 2015 about how the Green Party had told him when he joined that he could indeed speak his mind. Apparently that promise was broken.

Don Woodstock is now running as an independent candidate in the Minto riding and continues to protest countless issues that he feels dramatically affects his community. He’s been an outspoken activist against the corrupted, money making CFS (Child and Family Services) system. He’s also an environmental activist and speaks out against bad policy making that leaves those living in poverty in the dust. He’s also an advocate to make positive changes to mental health issues that plague many people in the province.
He plans to take on Greg Selinger’s NDP and as he says “take a little bit of the good from the NDP and combine it with a little bit of the good from the Conservatives.”
Don wishes to filibuster constantly once elected to “finally put words into action.”

For more on Don Woodstock, see our channel as well as our older Winnipeg Alternative Media channel.

Video shot and edited by Josh Sigurdson

Don Woodstock
Kathy Harris
Josh Sigurdson

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