Google HUB And Facebook PORTAL Make Orwell’s 1984 A REALITY!

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In George Orwell’s novel 1984 massive devices called telescreens were installed in every home allowing the government to monitor the activities of the household while having the capabilities of communicating with anyone they feel is getting out of line. Today this has become a reality as Google and Facebook have both launched their latest spying devices called the Google Hub and Facebook’s Portal. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth proves that these devices are in fact Trojan horses designed to trick you into inviting them into your home and to become comfortable with it, so that they can launch their sneak attack…the implementation of an all seeing ever watching digital eye tracking and tracing and databasing every single thing you say think or do all for the purposes of total control.


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  • R Rai

    I love how most of the people here are saying they won’t buy a product like this but they own a smart phone, which is just as bad.

  • kezdodik1

    100% believe they only care about “antisemitism”
    They don’t care about Islam, or Christian comments. They only care about and protect their people.

  • John919

    The elitist Left are so running scared right now I would not put it passed them to team up and sell off investments in the stock market just to hurt millions of 401K holders retirement plans and blame it on Pres Trump. If you love freedom click on #Just4USA

  • ENDtheFED2012

    Everybody here that says they will never get this device……Text me here and let me know…….on that smart phone, you carry around everywhere, that has that Mic and camera (front and back), with that built in battery.

  • YudazOwn

    Dan Dicks… will be vaporized. All of his affiliates at press for truth.. will be vaporized… Alex Jones… will never be vaporized.

  • Kathleen Fairbairn

    We had electrical work in our home and the electrician had suggested we get our home wired to this technology but we refused. I don’t want any crap like this in our home.

  • Kayla Briseno

    Google owns YouTube. Its getting to the point that I may just have to go radio only. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Giggling Firefly

    It’s part of the agenda. Don’t forget about Sidewalk Labs in Toronto with Google and Microsoft. BG is part of the agenda. Two people have recently quit due to concerns on privacy and the project. Tory is involved too.

  • Brandon Barkman

    I can’t stand the fact that I have a camera pointed at me every time I pick up my phone. that’s why I cover it with a slip of paper at the very least.

  • Primary Procyon

    This comment/post is for Dan Dix, you’re absolutely correct about everything and I also concur! Billions of people are still asleep and billions more are living in a controlled nightmare that is preventing them from snapping out of it and will probably never wake up, very few Terran’s realize this because of the implamented forced dumbing-down process that includes (1) Contamination and poisoning of the water supply with toxic chemicals like chlorine, chromium 6, fluoride, lead, mercury, et cetera. (2) Contamination of the air/oxygen with chemtrails, chemwebs, stratospheric aerosol injections, nano haze and microwave emissions which effects the cerebral cortex of human beings. (3) The crops/produce are modified with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), you can thank the Monsanto company for that, which has been recently bought out by the Bayer aspirin company but because of these sinister contingencies to human beings here one cannot expect the other to wake up?Cell weapon towers and 5G can be repelled by using orgonite see: Wilhelm Reich

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