It’s Not Just Hillary Clinton Going After Assange

The latest in the Assange saga

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  • Oliver Von arx

    Don’t get me even started on that cackling cunt clinton (ccc)!!! This fucking piece of human toxic waste belongs behind bars FINALLY!!! And this btw is another point trump lied to his voters; didn’t he promise to LOCK THAT EVIL CHILD MUNCHING WITCH UP?!?! 🖕🤬🖕

  • Vaccines are Poison

    Did you notice the book that it was made to look like assange was holding while being brought out of the embassy and the extra hand I suggest to rewatch the footage of him being taken out carefully

  • bungee1965

    I think it possible that Trump has had something to do with assange being arrested, and I mean this In a good way because I believe in Assange, and what he did by informing us of all the atrocities going on in the Deep State.. He knows that the information that Assange has, will put away those CABAL Bastards once and for all. I just hope my government doesn’t block the exradition or Silenced…Time To get me some Popcorn WWG1WGA UK 😉

  • Jim Mooney

    Maybe you should have just repeated what she said. I couldn’t stand to listen to her at a certain point. Part of Ecuador’s debt was also forgiven.

  • Vaccines are Poison

    Also why was he carried as if not to touch uk soil in case he could be arrested under British law hmmm strange don’t you think

  • Laurie Davies

    Thank you for much needed coverage on this tragic case. How long before anyone can be arrested for “hacking” on the flimsy evidence of an email that simply says “Curious eyes never run dry.”

    How long before we are accused of an interfering with an election, interfering with International affairs, or being harmful to national security for simply offering a truth?

    This sets many horrific precedents. How long before American journalists and citizens are extradited to Russia or China for providing and speaking truths?

    And It’s amazing Assange has any sanity left after spending years hold-up in a tiny room, and the better part of last year completely shut off from communications with friends and family.

    Let’s not forget, he wasn’t allowed any visitors from March thru to Oct-Nov of last year… not even his mother while under under constant survellaince by Ecuador’s government and had no internet access. How the hell was he gonna hack into government computers with no internet and while under 24 hour recorded observation?

    This is absurd!

  • Whitie Ford

    I truly believe that certain people over here in the US need to talk to assange in order for somebody to face responsibility for the actions of killing Seth rich. They’re just not telling us what’s going on

  • Vaccines are Poison

    I just saw an advertisement just before you said that you need financial support?.. did u know that was there was on last few videos on ur channel at different times but definitely adverts

  • Lisa Barri

    Yucch! I can’t stand that woman! …. Shut up Criminal Liar Sex Trafficker Lucifarian Hillary Clinton. We the People are sick of you. Just go away! Ugh.

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