LEAKED DOCUMENT: Google’s “THE GOOD CENSOR” Reveals A Plan To Silence Political Opponents!

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Breitbart News has just published a leaked internal document from Google titled “The Good Censor” that says the company plans to move away from the “American tradition” of free speech and toward a European model that values “dignity over liberty and civility over freedom”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the document while providing solutions for how to protect ourselves from censorship moving forward.



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  • japanese truther

    Does Europian really believe in “Dignity over liberty and Civility over Freedom”? 
    If so, I’m so dissapointed over Europians.

  • MamaBear Blue

    The thing people don’t accept or realise – is that it’s Satan who has these ‘servants’ who do his bidding!

  • Controversial Matters

    *Your solution is completely false* and will only allow them to win. Migrating to sites like Gab and Minds is what they want us to do, because these sites will never catch on. You will be stuck in an echo-chamber, unable to reach the minds of those in the centre, the non-political and the reasonable left. It’s the equivalent of saying “don’t worry guys, we don’t need to be allowed in the public square, we can go discuss our ideas in that crusty pub over there and circle jerk”.. They will keep the masses on twitter/facebook etc and they will also control the flow of information, allowing them to swing elections as they please.. *completely unchallenged*. What we need is a bill of rights for the internet! it’s THE solution and the only solution.

  • Wayne McLaughlin

    The Google need to Google themselves first before censoring others using their platform. You would be amazed at all the skeletons in their closet.

  • Stephen Mitchell

    ZuckerNazi is running his bully agenda to destroy conservative citizens. DemocRATS AntiAmerican, Anti-Christian, and anti family values persons are the only people ZuckerNazi listen to! Censor only those oppose DemocRATS leadership and don’t forget his anti- gun agenda. You bet ZuckerNazi just like DemocRATS hire armed personal protection aka their own Army, but hate you have firearm to defend yourself and others!

  • Corneliu Codreanu

    I am okay with censorship, as long as it’s liberals or communists that get censored.
    Dignity is better than liberty.

    Time to enforce anti-trust laws against (((Google))) and similar companies.

  • Corneliu Codreanu

    We should organize demonstrations outside the homes of these “local cultural leaders”. They have co-signed something capital e, Evil.

  • SkepticsR_us

    Free translation of: European’s *”Dignity over liberty and Civility over Freedom”* . These are code words that mean: “Since most people are not stupid enough to believe the endless lies the US’s vassals are coming up with to justify the endless wars in the Middle East, we silence our citizens with ‘hate speech’ laws that throw them AND their lawyers in jail if they dare speaking honestly about obvious lies. Political correctness and hate laws were created for the sole purpose of silencing people so we can keep milking them to death and maintain total control over their destiny.”

  • Truth Reality

    We will not be cencored they censor everything im against political correctness I hate pc crap. We deserve to have freedom of speech thats our right . They are trying to shut everyone they cant. Keep speaking the truth no matter what. They cant stop us. They cant control us. The Lord bless you for making video ?

  • Teresa Cochenour

    The corporations don’t like the constitute they rules and regulations that stiff them from making money the only thing important then you that’s why they take the shit out of this country.

  • Matt Lloyd

    Maybe we should all work our way away from Google and teach these lowlifes a lesson for the fact doing the right thing is different to everyone. For your information Google unlike you and your employees not everyone is entitled, biapartisanly brainwashed, nor do we think that the world is supposed to adapt to your standards when there is room for all standards. Google if you continue down this Orwellian path it will be to your demise you’ll be just like the mainstream media a pathetic joke and nothing but a bunch of liars!

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