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  • mikebtko

    Food For Thought: The Pineal Gland is a real force of nature That’s why )ew Mammon Usury ran societies heavily promote drinking, drugging and calcification of this gland. I don’t indulge in )ew practices, I haven’t even owned a tv or been to a movie in 14yrs., media is 92% )ew owned, and they boast about it!  No, once you see you can’t unsee, and I like it that way. I would never bury my head in the sand again.

    Yep… Look at Alt-Media, Owen Shroyer is shekeled… Or Stefan Molyneux, another )ew promoter, speaking of their intelligence. I went to school and put in our Mentally Gifted Minors Program with a bunch of )ews who were given the answers. I know, because they wanted to have a token goy in the room to impress with all their )ew insanity, and offered me IQ test answers. I refused, and still got in, they’re not intelligent, they’re ruthless and maniacal… “Obama tried to stop it!” – Abby Martin (shekeled). On Joe Rogan(shekeled) Podcast. Obama(shekeled) administration bombed 7 nations for their maniacal utopian Masonic Greater Israel expansionist project. Killing Babies, a 35%Christian population Seculars &Muslims for their Rothschild Banking land grabbing satanic cult… Mike Adams, aka Health Ranger, was trained in Israel. When Trump(shekeled) started bombing the sh*t out of Syria for Greater Israel expansionist project, after he said they could take care of themselves, Mike Adams joined the rash of other )oo tube channel shutdowns. Come on, he’s owned by these thugs. It’s another staged ruse… ((( Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, Paul Krugman, Janet Yellen ))) you see a pattern…

    So Trump’s ((( daughter ))) is just whoring herself with a ((( baby ))) and a conversion, to become a dual citizen. With a ((( dirty )ew ))), who spent ungodly amounts of dirty )ew money to buy a NYC residence with an address of 666…

    Or ((( Amy Goodman )))…

    Amy Goodman, pretending her tribe’s rigged elections are real…

    Amy Goodman, that old shrew, acting like she doesn’t know what her tribe is up to. Her grandfather a Masonic Rabbi… You played along with fake elections, and a failed Chabad Mob Casino Boss as Trump Presidency. You should be ashamed. You know, your grandpa a Masonic Rabbi. Trump, he sold us out, he continued where Obama left off, bombing Syria after he said we were going to stop giving Greater Israel our sons and that they could fight their own wars. 8 nations bombed… Trump’s family own residence in Tel Aviv. These people are Collectivists. Trump is invested in 1Belt1Road China thru Africa, we have nothing. No manufacturing base. Our sons will be forced to fight, kill, and die for people who said they will destroy us.

    “We will turn the U.S into a bottle sucking welfare state and collapse it! – Netanyahu

    No, you played along with maniacal Satanic Cult’s utopian Greater Israel Expansion Project, killing babies, 35% Christian, population, Seculars and some Muslims for Rothschild Banking land grabbers. You can’t measure Chosen in DNA. )ew – a cultural and breeding alliance engaging in incestuous eugenics to maintain caste system supremacy based on usury not merit. Bloomberg Corp and other cultural and breeding alliance members are already entrenched in Africa for major heist. This maniacal, Satanic Cult are stealing to get away from us and jeopardize our children. They will destroy the West to bury their war crimes and blame them on people who had no say. And have been under occupation, shame on you!

    Art exhibit in China compares Blacks to monkeys. Not a word from )ewish owned media about their most obedient Communists, their Chinese, who according to many fired Professors, CEO insiders, Doctors, Chinese are promised West after reducing Hispanic numbers. Latin America has the ‘sweet spot’ for Solar-Hi Technology’, that the real Nikola Tesla envisioned for all, and free for all of us before Warburg  )ew bankers sabatoged him for usury profiteering. Yes, not a peep out of msm, or even athiest Chosen One ‘ Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (who normally would go crazy for this type of divide & conquer tactic) & Latin sidekick Juan Gonzalez, from Puerto Rico, lots of mixed Blacks/Int’l )ewry promised West to China for assistance in reducing Latin numbers, after obedience training. For Prime Latin America real estate. Nor did Black voices in Hip Hop/Black Entertainment either say anything about it.  Because they’re Sellouts too. Xi recently told 88 million Communist Chinese Party members not to “Betray or abandon Marxism!” And we know )ews, “To be anti-Communist is to be anti )ew!” – )ewish Village Voice

    Just look in Amy Goodman’s dead eyes “Democracy Now!” She adores oddly athiest )ew. Noam Chomsky “Someday I’d love to live in Israel!” -, Noam Chomsky. Of course you would Noam Chomsky you old ghoulish yarn spinning Rothschild Banking land grabbing shekeler. Tel Aviv named in 1910.  Amy Goodman’s dead inside, same with old multi-millionaire shekeler Chomsky, come on??? An athiest )ew, that’s not real, this is the age of Aquarius in full swing, they’ve been brainwashed from infancy..

    And let us not forget the repeal of Glass-Steagall, while every skanky whore came out of the shadows to describe to the nation cokehead Billy Clinton’s 10″ bent junk…

    Dual Citizen California Senator Diane Feinstein, the Chabad Mob wife, she was the final straw for me back in the 1970’s. Her rise to prominence after Dan White’s Twinkie defense & supposed suicide’. It has all been Chabad Mob sh*t, even before, but after that, I could spot it coming from then on. It’s all a Construct…Actornot Mark Kelly’s Chabad Mob wife Gabby Giffords, and her rapid recovery from gun? headshot wound. Chabad Mob fable of Seth Rich, draped in the American Flag?? early on in ruse. Chabad Mob Construct, the Intentionally obnoxious Linda Sarsour, being followed around by their media like she’s sh*ttin’ gold. Our lives can’t go on much longer like this, I just can’t see our next generation getting through this much deceit…

    Elections aren’t real, They created Trump, who said they could fight their own battles, then bombed Syria. They created Obama, who bombed 7 nations, after saying “Out of Iraq in 2 years”. It’s all Kabbalistic Inversion. Their false left-right paradigm is played out!  They keep saying it’s our choice. So we’ll eventually have to sacrifice our sons for their next land grab, and their next heist..

  • DarthShadie

    Find Goldenseal! Be the health! (Yeah, don’t ask lol) I’m going to have to send you a gift basket of remedies :p But that sucks, sometimes once it kicks in, it’s in and you gotta go through all the motions until it’s gone. Hope you feel better soon. Some Eucalyptus might help as an essential oil if you find some too.

  • Kevin Macleod

    Josh, you need Thieves essential oil in your life. I will never be without it. It works incredibly well. It can help speed up recovery if you do get sick or better yet, help you avoid getting sick in the first place. Works on the Man Cold quite well too if it sets in and will get you back doing videos with John in no time. ?

  • To Whom this May Concern

    Josh, lots of antiseptic there , use it all the time and don’t put your hands on your face, mouth, eyes, etc. Also watch for anywhere where the public put their hands on, for example door knobs, escalators, remote controls, slot machines and even cards. Germs are everywhere. Good luck my friend and have a wonderful time while you’re down there.

  • Canadian N Socialist Party

    Smart man but you need to look to the Lord for you have things you must do befor the end may the Lord be with you brother and all who seek the Lord amen

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