Post Ottawa/Toronto Trip – LIVE with Press For Truth (AMA)

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Today on Press For Truth Live Dan Dicks along with co host Leigh Stuart will be discussing their recent coverage in Ottawa and Toronto where they interviewed the leader of The People’s Party Of Canada Maxime Bernier, they also went to the Canadian Forces Station (CFS) in Leitrim to expose the echelon spying network and they visited Toronto to conduct some streeted interviews about Ontario’s new sex ed program that was implemented by Doug Ford. Dan and Leigh will also be taking questions from the Super Chat and comments section.

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  • Loreen Degenstein

    I’m voting for FreeAlberta. Anti-Monarchy and away from eastern tyranny/corruption. We’d like to have more say about what happens to us and stop being the targeted province for Canadian hate. Canada should be two countries, East and West, where Vancouver is the capital of the west. Western provinces would have much better representation which doesn’t happen with the current system.

  • Loreen Degenstein

    Transgender education should include how many transgendered people regret their surgeries… At least there are videos. Very sad to make such an irreversible decision.

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    You talk about stench and garbage. Just ask pest controllers where they make their money. Everyone knows in Toronto to avoid immigrant apartment buildings. Shit the streets in Chinatown are used like a kitchen sink. I’ve repeatedly seen shop owners empty pans full of shit in the gutter. And the streets stink like dead fish.

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