Why Guaranteed Minimum Income Simply Doesn’t Work!

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about the failure of “guaranteed minimum income” and why it simply doesn’t work.
As countries and towns throughout the world push trial runs of GMI, it’s important to break down what this will indeed lead to.
It’s quite simple really. When you extort tax payers, the hardest working people to give equal benefit to those who do not work, you cause there to lack any reason to actually innovate, it’s the “don’t feed the bears” notion in a nutshell.
But it’s more than just the psychological aspect that makes it fail. The economic and market side is the most important.
Understanding the most basic economics and market principles shows you that it’s Hegelian. It perpetuates the problem.
If you give everyone $2,000 a month, prices will quickly inflate and this will lead to $2,000 being less valuable and cause further volatility in the already incredibly manipulated markets.
In a free market society, prices will deflate due to more businesses competing for lower prices, creating better products, innovating and then creating a circle of success based on the demand of the individual with their dollar, leading to more employment and higher wages that go further when it comes to the price of living. This creates more options for everyday individuals trying to succeed themselves.
Charity becomes more realistic when one has more money in their wallet. Instead of extortion, people are able to put money in community pools by the voluntaryist ideology. Those who simply cannot work can be provided for by their community and people will have more money to spare for such charitable work.
Healthcare costs would be dramatically lower due to competition. Fewer people would be sick. Better innovations in healthcare would be available and for that reason, there would be less people to provide for.
Not only would people have more money to spare, but it would take far less money to provide for individuals.

With GMI, the middle class, those who are extorted the worst and are suffering the most will be forced into further poverty and we will see the final end to the middle class. That simply means more people being forced into GMI.

Why should the people who work the hardest be equal to those who work the least? The very capitalists that the collectivists hate so much are the ones the collectivists depend on via extortion.
It’s time to snap out of the mind set of “Why can’t I be successful?” and start asking, “What can I do to be successful?”

All this and more is chronicled in this video breakdown.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • UniDeathRaven

    “Guaranteed Minimum Income” is final tryhard move in order to stop people from revolting over jewish new world order. nah boys, i prefer western civilization to collapse together with jews.

  • Victoria Francois

    there’s one problem in the next 10 yrs technocracy will rise and humans will lose jobs to robotics and people will need more handouts

  • Johnnie

    minimum wage in the USA should be based on the cost of living scale. so people don’t have to get assistance from fed. gov.

  • Old white guy

    Like those poor bastards in Ontario. Like moslems in England, like moslems in Canada? You need some sun!!! Lol background is g but it makes Josh look pasty.

  • Patriot OfGod

    It worked well for Germany under Hitler.
    Everyone had nice homes, cars , free healthcare , paid vacations.
    Too bad most “people” are clueless.

  • Kerry F

    how about America comes out of the dark ages and you start with a basic minimum wage. Your so called free market has never existed and will never exist – get real! You don’t have an example of an actual free market in all of history to do your so called “comparison”. which planet do you live on?

  • David Broughton

    universal basic income would be implimented because of technology unemployment not for any other reason .

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