China Stole Secrets! America Stayed Silent!

PBS and NPR have worked together to bring us a very revealing piece on China and US relations.

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  • BloodHarzard

    You’re buying the same shit the overlords gargle.
    A fascist state? Give me a fucking brake, they made their train classes behavior dependent, not wealth, and you give them shit for it. “MUH SURVEILANCE”. Sad you became the clowns I came here to you to get away from.

  • Gnostic

    No one really paid attention when China forced down the US surveillance plane a while back. In the day they would hit the thermite charges to keep an enemy from using tech or goods from falling in to enemy hands.
    I know the web works as fast as we want it to.
    Pay attention kidz.

  • Paul Wilson

    It’s a symbiotic relationship but yeah China does try cheating a lot. I work for CAT, at one time I was the Technical Liaison for a JV we have with a Chinese company. Basically the relationship is We give them some IP, then they give us sales in China and some reduced cost parts, but it’s up to each company to make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial otherwise it’s easy to get cheated….We say trust but verify everything before proceeding too deeply….

  • reg smith

    This is a mistaken interpretation of the Thilidicious Trap, it is always the diminishing power attacking the upcoming power in a desparate attempt to maintain power.

  • Chukwuka Chizorom

    Hillary Clinton was basically broadcasting US secrets by using a private server but so many people still think that Chinese students are the bigger danger

  • Flying Dutchman

    Don’t pretend that China stealing secrets from America.
    Americans stealing other Countries Gold, Oil and other resources and doing that in there arrogance very openly!

  • reg smith

    Why this piece is nonsense. Upcoming powers do not need to militarily attack the diminishing power as they are strong economic mercantile powers that can afford to offer financial inducements. A diminishing power ( like the US) can no longer afford to pay off its allies and indulges in imperialist overstretch firefighting with its military and bullying it’s allies, just like Rome before it fell apart and similar to US military intervention and trade wars against it’s inevitable demise.

    See Pilger doc below for a more coherent description of the fall of the US empire.

    The comming war with China

  • Didier Depardieur

    Tell the people how Clinton gave China all sorts of technologies including those on ballistic missiles and super computers to give them a head start.

  • Michael Miller

    Maybe it’s time to quit thinking in terms of China or Russia terms, or any government or nation state for that matter? Pro
    Human or anti human is a better delineator in my book. Look at Ole Dammegards work and you’ll see it’s agents within governments that carry out most all act of terror.

  • reg smith

    In the Thucydides Trap the diminishing power always acuses the upcoming power of stealing it’s technology and engaging in unfair trade practices, unfair practices it used to be able to impose on its colonies. The real argument is that the legacy Imperial power is used to imposing unfair trade practices, while insisting on weaker countries opening their markets. The IMF and SAP for the US or Calaco and Imperial preference for the failing British Empire. CIA is practically an arm of US finance and manufacturing. See how the US has been accused of using US trade law to force the takeover of European companies like Alstrom by GE using the threat of procecuction for example. Their is a documentary on this.

  • WarpPal

    You think this is bad. Its much worse. There was a Bloomberg Business article that explains that a motherboard manufacturer stationed in California called Supermicro that had a pea sized chip that intercepted all types of information to chinese servers and even initialized software that spied directly on the server the board was on. Super Micro is based in China, the boards are fitted with a very small chip that steals information from the PC the board is in as its on.

    Amazon, Google, among other tech companies used Supermicro boards for their server stations, and most had no idea how badly they were effected until recently

    Chinese Smartphone manufacturers like Coolpad, ZTE, Alcatel, have had malware apps disguised as android system apps installed from the factory spying on users and sending stats to who knows where.

    China is the threat, not Russia.

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