Hillary Clinton Blasts Donald Trump For Not Being A Puppet – Wait… What?

Recently Hillary Clinton (also known as Killary Cunton) spoke about the RNC with her usual annoying up-speak reminiscent of a Kindergarten teacher telling kids to be nice. Clinton made a reference to Donald Trump correlating his attitude and message to ‘the man behind the curtain’ saying that when you pull back the curtain, it’s only Donald Trump “with nothing to offer the American people!”
Does that not insinuate that Donald Trump isn’t a puppet? And if so, wouldn’t that be a good thing?
After all, considering the people behind Killary’s curtain (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, major bank CEOs and the Saudi Royal Family who tortures, rapes and murders people) what Clinton said during this speech is kind of an endorsement.
Now we all know that Donald Trump is a blowhard and the lesser of evil is still evil but let’s consider what Hilldog’s been involved in. Nearly 50 years of corruption and lies. Murder, rape, freeing pedophiles, even arming groups like ISIS. For that reason among countless others she should be locked in a cell to rot for the rest of her life alongside Billy Boy the rapist. While she has blood on her hands, people are more concerned about Trump’s so-called hateful rhetoric. That’s like being stuck in a house fire and stubbing your toe and taking out your anger on the furniture you stubbed your toe on. It’s just nonsense.
Hilary Clinton supporters are members of a dangerous collectivist cult and while Trump is simply another lesser flavor of collectivism and doesn’t stand for the individual but instead for rule, the globalist cult should frighten everyone as they create global monetary enslavement with their manipulation of the markets and the insane printing of currency alongside the removal of civil liberties under the false divisive guise of unity.
We are not endorsing any candidates as we believe in you, the individual, not some “leader”, but we also can spot a fake when we see one and if people are honestly going to fall for Killary’s cult, they seriously need to assess their viewpoints, challenge them and take some time to learn about what globalism has done to humanity and what over the top liberalism is doing to the people of Earth as the problem, reaction, solution mentality continues to play out in popular culture without a second of research.
Don’t go through life on emotional reactions or hunches because the TV told you to. Emotion begets a childish response. Logic is the only way towards prosperity and that takes research.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • Matty Watson

    AWSUM SPRAY Josh. Sitting having my coffee this morning in Australia loving
    every minute of this video. Nice one bro ? ?

  • Poelo Siel

    We are not the pawns of this game. We are more like the litle piece of wood
    that is assembled into a pawn. Also, the king is not the most important
    piece in this game. Those moving the pieces are. But even they might not be
    at the top. Perhaps theres a computer telling them what piece to move. In
    any case, no wood, no game.

  • Charles H

    Josh – Hillary is a despicable human being and this is me being polite.
    Thanks for all you do Josh, another great video. Take care my friend.

  • Voluntary Exchange


    you do have the intellectual capacity to realize that
    conservatives/republicans are statist as well… don’t you?

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