Steemit Is A Game Changer – AMA Live With Press For Truth

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In this live broadcast Dan Dicks of Press For Truth will be taking questions from the YouTube chat and Steemit post for those who follow PFT on on how Steemit is changing the field of independent media and anything else you’d like to ask!

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  • Jefferson Kind

    I would be willing to bet the whole “freezer food” was supposed to be ‘freeze dried food” which is a HUGE difference. They were talking about Mountain House or Humana. That is long term, storeable food.

  • Jefferson Kind

    Why are my fellow amerikans so statist and wanting legalization as opposed to decriminalization. There is a HUGE difference there as well. It is like night and day. Legalization is begging for the government’s permission to do something like consuming cannabis. I live in SC and don’t give a fuck who says what… what I want.

  • Red Rose

    I love steemit. I have loans and steemit is helping me to close these loans. I love steemit. I will protect steemit by my soul

  • Jefferson Kind

    Monsanto is going to fuck us here too….. They will get their ducks in a row too and shut down all the growers and dispensaries as far as selling cannabis. I don’t care because I don’t beg for permission. Will amerika ever get that point which goes for EVERYTHING including marriage!!?? The gays don’t get that either.

  • sunwarz

    I would like to see inventive people produce their own movies on steemit, I’d would love to see the talent I know is out there! We would have Steemit Stars instead of Hollywood!

  • tioGa - of God's army

    I heard two people already speak of their videos being censored by Steemit TROLLS. DownVotes & emptied accounts or something. The enemy has their trolls EVERYWHERE!

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