CBS Goes Far Left Uploads And Deletes Video

CBS ran quite the ad for one of its fictional shows, and the show itself may have been worse than the promo.

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  • Start Revelations

    That CBS would allow themselves to put such a thing on air tells us what they are thinking about, even if they call it art. They are trying to get their perceived enemy to attack them for offensive words. Then, when they get a person to act out what they portrayed, they use it as a reason to profile similar looking or dressing people. Less people seem to be falling for their scam. Why are people allowing themselves to be used in that way? Money or infamy are bad reasons from the beginning. Fear is the real reason, fear of looking or feeling weak to the wrong people, even though there are not enough right people yet. People have to quit looking for short term “gains”. Only agree to be the good guy in real life and in art, which affects your real life. We make enough mistakes that might make us look bad without purposely looking bad. It’s like they don’t know we will begin to think that is actually the change they want to see.

  • Blair Philip

    Please watch the John Ward video on this. There is subliminal messaging as well that is embedded that also needs to be called out

  • Tayderp

    Capitalism perpetuates an ideology and livelihood of winning/losing. So long as one group holds power over another, this tension will exist.

  • Beaman Surchit

    I stopped watching this bullshit show after it became obvious that it was nothing more than Leftist garbage … didn’t take long.
    We shouldn’t get too worked up over this type of crap. It appeals to the insane, and you can’t reason with insanity.

  • Heather Holt

    Nazis nazis nazis everywhere.

    Without Russia and Nazis they’d have no material.

    And really… Who cares about that show. Sounds boring. But good god is there anything else they can rally against?

  • Hugh Mungus

    I guess it’d been too long since a gigantic media company gave a bunch of free publicity to some fringe white supremacists, hopefully this’ll net them some more recruits so those same giant media companies can make money from publishing salacious stories about how they’re growing in size. Who could’ve imagined that giving more publicity to a group would lead to it gaining members? Obviously Trump is to blame.

  • CyrusCageSCWS

    Interesting they called him Baron given that there’s an old book about the time travelling adventures of baron Trump and it apparently depicts lots of current events.

  • Guided Meditation

    CBS is part of the Fake News Industrial complex run by Globalists and the Deep State. They will overstep on purpose then pull back. They would love to spark violence as Soros has been desperately trying to do for years but the American people have shown awesome restraint as their Nation has been invaded and taken over by these globalists.

  • Alexis Anderson

    Far left? WTF? Think not!!! You mean neoliberals who are nowhere near left. You keep insulting us on real left when you keep calling these fake lefties as being on left!

  • ellieysama

    But black people are fucking violent and very low braü lol but they were enabled and programmed to be like that by political parasites that work with the bigger agenda of Divide and Conquer…

  • Matt Coppola

    Israel murdered JFK, stole our nuclear material, attacked the USS Liberty, and perpetrated 9/11!!! Trump is a traitor to his people and nation for supporting them. Support #BDS Death to Israel!!!

  • eric brown

    this is our media folks and it will get worse as elections move on. They will teach you to kill each other. You can’t just go to the polls , everything must be a movement or die and then move on.

  • Jason Fisher

    Communism committed mad genocide and ethnic cleansing of Balto-Slavic peoples, Finnic Uralic peoples and Tartars in the name of political ideology.

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