China Makes MASSIVE Move Towards A Cashless Society!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the dramatic move by the People’s Bank of China towards a cashless society following a major Bitcoin crackdown by the communist country.
Of course, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Steem are decentralized, this is one of the many reasons there’s so much potential value behind them. They are in essence, freedom!
But when central planners and manipulators peddle a cashless centralized cashless society, we know we’re in for trouble.
When your money’s in the bank, it’s not yours, it’s the bank’s. When your money’s always going through the bank via digital transactions and you never hold it in your hand, it’s never yours and it’s always the bank’s.
As the IB Times Reports,

“The chief of China’s central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, reportedly said the Chinese government plans slowly to eliminate cash and develop a national blockchain currency. The government doesn’t plan to adopt bitcoin as Chinese legal tender, but it definitely is investing in official bitcoin regulation. This represents a dramatic shift for Chinese regulators, who temporarily shut down all Chinese bitcoin exchanges in 2014. Xiaochuan admitted the transition would be a slow process.”

This seems to show that the regulators are always looking for new ways to capitalize on their control complex and push people out of any remnants of a free market in modern times.
It appears that the BRICS countries and the western IMF globalist countries are competing for who can enslave us first.
Of course the IMF is attempting to push a digital SDR (Special Drawing Rights) world currency on the populace which would dramatically destroy privacy, rack up taxes world wide, shove us into debt and of course shove us into servitude to the banking and global government cartels.

This is why we need to continue to educate before it’s too late!
Decentralization is key and we need to make people understand this rather simple concept, complicated by the establishment.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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    not for world bank will use cyber attacks to push for laws to have military run the internet. they want to know what you buy. put your money in gold and silver. Bitcoin will be shut down and you will loose what you have in it. governments will size it by passing law saying that Bitcoin is illegal.

  • swordoftruth

    without asking citizens, the arrogant and corrupt governments and banks think they can make all the important decisions that will primarily serve their needs first, this MUST CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • withoutexcuse2011

    You guys are *wrong* about Bitcoin. **ALL** digital currencies are ‘plutonium’.
    Bitcoin is a Trojan Horse and most people are clueless to this fact.

  • realapoc

    Bitcoin is still cashless weather you like it or not. A true valuable asset is controlled by the establishment, there is a reason why the establishment has not interfered with bitcoin up to now, it fits with their agenda you morons.

  • Heiner Ali

    With all the hacking and digital theft … I will NEVER allow the NWO to lead me to a cashless future. Wise up merd…the ONLY real money is gold & silver. What China likes … I HATE !!!

  • Morti Miserable`

    One word: “Barter”! It works brilliantly and no one knows your business. Greeks realized this when the EU enforced it’s austerity measures upon Greek citizens. Barter Barter Barter!

  • jmcarp98

    Once they ban cash they will ban gold and silver. At least if you buy gold digitally they will also know exactly what you got for future confiscation. The central planners dream!

  • Michael Thomann

    it’s called boiling a frog via. slow transition of higher temperatures!! Get out now with crypto currency! So tired of money laundering excuse from Gov. Co.!

  • snippythehorse

    If the NSA truely has control over the internet,…..then all crypto will be toasted at the moment ot the cartels convenience…..
    If they could make a bitcoin purse that is independant of the system, but able to trade bitcoin by bluetooth between two parties it would help make the crypto more usable and secure….Not a cell phone either but a stand alone bitcoin device….

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