GREENSPAN: “Economy Will Start To FADE Very Dramatically!” – The CRASH Cannot Be Stopped!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent comments by former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan regarding the entitlements programs and how in his words “the economy will start to fade very dramatically” due to such a burden. Of course, that hardly scratches the surface.
The economy will begin to fade very dramatically because it’s an economy built to fail. It is printed into oblivion, interest rates are at dangerous low levels that will likely end in negative rates and the bond market is falling like a rock.
Greenspan knows a lot about economics, but he has always used his knowledge to do the exact opposite of what he should… He uses it to push people into poverty, destroy wealth and cause perpetual debt dependency.
All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero. They always have, they always will going back to 1024 AD in China. This time will NOT be any different other than the fact that it will be a far greater crash than previous ones due to how long this system has been propped up past its prime.
Of course people will say we’ve said this for a long time and they would be right. We’ve also been right for a long time, you just cannot fundamentally put a date on the inevitable end of the economy. We just know thanks to seriously basic economics that it will soon come to an end and has to. The longer it’s put off the worse it is.
People think Trump will go after the Federal Reserve. This is nonsense. His version of going after the Federal Reserve is basically what brand of fuel to pour on the fire. What version of centralization fits his narrative best. This problem can only be solved at an individual level. Individuals must be responsible and self sustainable. They must protect their purchasing power.
The yield curve has inverted and the everything bubble is popping. Countries are swapping out of the US dollar ending the only thing keeping it afloat. Confidence. China and India are heading towards surpassing the United States in the near future. The answer comes down to no government. It comes down to individuals. You.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • busymountain

    Yeah he knows about it. Greenspan was the biggest goldbug before his entry into the Fed. Bix Weir believes Greenspan has set up fiat for a fall back into gold.

  • Tom C

    Full of emotive rambling and talking off top of your head. You have no idea on timing , no advice on investment. Ideally calm down and provide some non biased content

  • Ray H

    Greenspan must have been talking about government since they are the ones who feel entitled. Did Greenspan say that before or after he mentioned government employees making over 100k will take a 20% salary cut with the savings going to support SS. That would be 18 million annually from Congress alone. Greenspan’s reasoning! We shouldn’t be asking the people to continue to do with less because of the mistakes and mismanagement of the Fed and Government policies.

  • Hammer Home

    Its a DEBT based currency , BUT its your fault that you borrowed it to run your Country … no borrowing = no economy.. Some real big balls these Banksters have , they are the only ones with the legal authority to issue it … but it OUR fault that we are in debt….Some fuzzy logic there ?

  • Jean Phillippes

    Entitlement burden is just another name for Public Spend. Governments don’t generate real money for Welfare, so the process is intrinsically unsustainable .

  • silverbull AG47

    Who really knows,this fraud could go on for donkeys years yet and we could all be old and grey still talking about gold and silver and hedgeing against the impending doom of the dollar and the US.who knows really.its a sad state of affairs how we got to the state were in globally and i mean fucking sad.would be great if we could seek happyness from within as in it would ensue rather than pursuit it,we most certainly won’t find it in money.just a thought

  • squeegeedee

    They always blame entitlements.
    But when it comes to no-bid military spending, industrial farm, oil and corporate subsidies, and bailing out fraudulent banks, then it’s: “rev up the printing press!”.

  • John herst Harvet

    We are in a grand solar minimum that means our ability to produce enough food to feed everybody will be insufficient for this reason they are speeding up the New World Order otherwise it is understood that it’s or. Of many generations that a massive transition to a new Central planning model that incorporates the whole globe and it’s methodology requires at least a hundred years to complete the process. We also have a dilemma that Central planners limited too perhaps three more years monetary stimulus at moderate easing into more years of helicopter money after which we going to a serious serious currency crisis. It is in my opinion fat people are interpreting what they are seeing on a socio-economic in geopolitical policies are coming from a place of unsound incomplete Madness. Yet there is very good reason to haisten the plant Awards New World Order, as there are factors of a cosmological nature that is beyond the capacity of central planners to mitigate or to plan around.

  • RiffRaff

    We the people work for them. We supply our labour to them, and our time to them. We give our money to them to look after for us, and many of us are willing to fight and die for their wants, desires and interests. It’s easy to see who they are, they preach war and conflict. Only a dangerous fool would want war. They will make good excuses as to why we should go on a journeyer of death and destruction, but you can hear the glee in their voice as they lay out their rational. These people are the dangerous stinkers of the world. Are you spending you life and time empowering stinkers and their stinky lives and stinky plans?

  • Shane Lackey

    Thanks for all you do Josh .

    ” Fiat Currency reverts to it’s intrinsic Value of 0 ”

    Because it is a Compound Interest based loan .
    ” On loan at interest ”

    It also Just happens to be a Logical Fallacy . Wealth can not be multiplied by dividing it into Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions … Of smaller part’s .

  • Chris Chong

    Greenspan is the originator of the financial ponzi. He provided excessive liquidity at every recession since 1987 that supported unpayable debts with new unpayable debts piling on top of old unpayable debts. Unpayable debts are like investment in ponzis like Madoff’s. Greenspan provided liquidity and Bernanke went one up by giving free money to banks that made the bankers and their cronies even richer. Liquidity in the financial ponzi is like more investors to Madoff to keep Madoff going. Liquidity only make the debt bubble/ponzi bigger. Greenspan is trying to blame the people (entitlements) who invested in the economy that was suppose to pay them back when they need the money. But the money that was invested in financial assets had become a part of the debt ponzi.

  • Erich Schneider

    The Republicans pushed wages down for the average working person. When the working people could no longer to afford to live in our central bank economny the Democrats swooped In with social programs to make people dependent on the government.

  • Ben Mak

    Economy is regulated by Jewish central bankers. Just like Great Depression, new one is waiting to happen. Rich elites always benefits from that.

  • Rebecca Tillman

    Finally you are really thinking now. I am glad you didn’t harp on Entitlements because Entitlements are exactly that- they are what people who have paid for them and worked for them have in fact earned and anyone who would even suggest taking them away or reducing them for those who have already paid for them or earned them is a liar and a thief. We have to be careful to differentiate Entitlements from Welfare aka Charity. They are not the same even though people who rail against Entitlements want the public to think they are. To put it bluntly- would you like to pay for disability insurance for 30 years and then when you do get disabled have the insurance company suddenly say that even though we owe to you a claim payout- we simply aren’t going to pay it? Or how would you like a life insurance company you paid insurance premiums to for 40 years, tell your loved ones, yes, we owe you an insurance claim pay out, but we simply aren’t going to pay you or maybe we are only going to pay you $10,000 instead of the ten million dollar policy your loved one paid for? Under no circumstance is it acceptable to change terms for people who already own by contributions any policy. If changes are to be made, they must be made only for new workers entering the workforce. And yes, I am glad you placed the blame where it belongs on the fiat money system devaluing our fiat money by unvoted for purposeful inflation. And I am glad that you are advocating people to be independent but the reality is that many people won’t be or maybe for awhile can’t be or maybe are retired and can’t start all over again anymore. We as a nation. regardless of what the wicked do must protect the Entitlement system because Entitlements are in fact earned income. As for a revolution, an economic revolution- it is indeed happening both organically because people are too tapped out to sustain making a handful of people richer and voluntarily as people wake up to what is being done to them. I am also glad that you point out that Trump is a criminal and won’t save anyone because he is part of a Criminal Cabal and I warned about him from the start. It is true that no one has anyone’s best interest in mind except each person for themselves. It is also true that nothing that gets done politically or lawfully these days is the will of the people or the vote of the people. We as a nation and as a world were sold as slaves during the Great Depression and we have all suffered greatly because of it. Greenspan is the symbol of the Green or Pale Horseman and is both evil and the cause of all the modern economic trouble for the past 30 years. But the origination and fault of all our individual and collective woes began when we were sold as slaves. Yes, each person does need to make effort to break those chains and if we all work toward that goal, we can and will accomplish it. It might take awhile but it can be done. The only other choice we have is to be microchipped and lose our souls and our lives and our health! It is indeed our responsibility to resist until the end.

  • Lili Robin

    After yield inversion recession comes about one year later give or take six months. So end of 2019 or 2020 for recession. Worse than the great depression. Greatest wealth transfer ever!!!

  • Patriot Trucker

    Somebody is short and just begging and looking for the market to drop. Not happening guy. May have movement up and down but not dramatically down. If anything sideways for a bit. Not going down, that’s for sure.

  • Chris

    Why listen to greenspan now? Isn’t this the guy caused all this in the first place?
    Either invest in the stock market, real estate or gold, regardless of how the economy is going.

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