MINDS.COM A Decentralized Answer To The FaceBook PURGE

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There is no mistaking it the major tech conglomerates are currently coordinating an attack on the free flow of information online and on anyone who directly challenges the government and/or the status quo by memory holing our content. That is why it is extremely important now more than ever to join and support alternative platforms that DO support free speech and WONT censor content no matter what side of the political spectrum your views fall on. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Bill Ottman creator of Minds.com a revolutionary social media network that should have Zuckerberg shaking in his boots as decentralized blockchain based platforms are now THE go to places for those voices that are currently being silenced like Press For Truth on websites such as FaceBook.

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  • Fid LaF

    Maybe it’s the one thing Bitcoin enthusiasts tout as the technology’s greatest strength: Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and impossible to censor. These qualities would disappear the moment transactions were yielded to the Federal Reserve, or to Facebook, or to a network of brokers coordinating the sale of bartered assets.

    But if all Bitcoin can offer in our hypothetical future is privacy and censorship resistance, then we have to ask—is it actually giving us those things right now?

    There are no real names stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, but it records every transaction you make, and every time you use the currency, you risk exposing information that can tie your identity to those actions. We know from documents leaked by Edward Snowden that the US National Security Agency has sought ways of connecting activity on the Bitcoin blockchain to people in the physical world. The NSA has been tapping fiber-optic cables, monitoring internet activity, and luring people onto compromised platforms by falsely promising to secure their privacy—all in an effort to collect every bit of data that might link addresses to names and real identities.

    Should governments seek to create and enforce blacklists, they will find that the power to decide which transactions to honor lies in the hands of just a few Bitcoin miners. Some of these crucial players are already feeling the pressure of travel bans imposed by the Chinese government, though it remains unclear whether any specific demands have been made.

  • TheConspiracy Realist

    *Experiment Number 1*
    I just shared this video on my Facebook Page. I heard the little musical thingy indicating it was posted.
    My posting above it reads :
    *Lets see if I get deleted for posting this*
    Will report on any actions as they come up.
    BTW… F*@k FaceBook and their CEO the Sellout….

  • Brown Eyes

    I’ve been trying to message people too and it won’t or the people aren’t going on their Facebook and looking at it I don’t know cuz I tried messaging some people a few days ago and they still haven’t replied to me. Have you ever heard of Adam green I tried messaging him on Facebook and I left a message is under his videos his You Tube is know more news and I also tried messaging Jack R Morphonos if someone would let them know that I’ve messaged them there on Facebook and YouTube

  • Amber Hays Brannon

    Could this all be happening because Obama gave our internet away to ICANN for them to make sure it was secured but went in and changed the keys on the the servers not allowing us to take back control and to find out ICANN is owned by the UN and big corparations…?…

  • Al Codie

    Hay Dan do you any idea what’s going on with Faith Goldy ? Corruption at the highest levels ! What they are doing to her is completely wrong !!!

  • Giggling Firefly

    Obama sold internet 2 years ago to UN entity ICANN. There is collusion with internet companies. They may shut minds.com down. This also ties in the lab tech hub Tory is building in Toronto. Gates, Google line to that. Tory owns $6 million of Rogers. He’s mayor for reason and I think he’s part of the Globalists, deep state kind of stuff.

  • Giggling Firefly

    Obama sold internet 2 years ago to UN entity ICANN. There is collusion with internet companies. They may shut minds.com down. This also ties in the lab tech hub Tory is building in Toronto. Gates, Google linked to that. Tory owns $6 million of Rogers. He’s mayor for reason and I think he’s part of the Globalists, deep state kind of stuff.

  • theAbeElement

    hate the boosted content, love the rest. 2 reasons in my mind normies won’t go to minds: boosted content and crpyto (perceived complication of use).

  • Dawson smith

    I tried to sign up for minds and it will not let me do it because it says my password is short of 8 characters when it has 12? What’s up with that?

  • TheConspiracy Realist

    Update: Within an hour of posting this link to share on Facebook all access to my YouTube account here was denied and came up as telling me I was offline, or that a fatal error occurred code 503. It took me by surprise, and I was seriously blocked out from doing what I like to do which is browse and respond to people who comment on my postings on facebook and YouTube.
    Still unsure if this has been purposely done to me or not. But it was highly coincidental to all of a sudden get blocked from accessing my Youtube acct.
    Fascism is just around the corner folks…

  • robert toodie

    FB are busy killing themselves off, just like the communist, facist left…they start eating each other, eventually.

  • Fun Stuff, Keep Munchin, Be Thankful

    Another #MarkTaylor prophecy spot on
    Watch and pray
    God will not be mocked
    Alternative Mediums are growing


    Shows 959 views at 1:10 am Atlanta Georgia U.S.A ..All 10+ of my FB truth movement pages turned successful ,then they were banned ,blocked, and high jacked,non stop till I gave up..?U FACEBOOK

  • mikecorbeil

    Possible error! At roughly 12:50, Bill says he ” *_deleted Facebook a while ago_* ” and if Fb hasn’t changed in this respect over the past two or three years, then it’s like it always was and which is that people/users who’ve created Fb accounts for themselves CANNOT DELETE their accounts ; only being able to do as I learned from EFF.org a year or two ago and which is disabling, not deleting but disabling, the accounts, which Fb still retains copies of and it’s just that other Fb users, regular ones anyway, supposedly can no longer access the content, apparently any of it. I’m trying to find the page or article I had read at EFF and it’s not immediately turning up a link with a title that I immediately recognize, but people can try searching the site and the three ways I just tried, using https Google search, is by separately using the following sets of search terms : < < Facebook delete site:eff.org >>, < < Facebook disable site:eff.org >>, and simply < < Facebook site:eff.org >> (without the outer brackets, < < and >>). You’d get plenty of links and I’m certainly not going to take any more time for searching for the page I’m referring to; it now being 1:30 am on Oct. 17th and bed time should be soon. But, EFF must surely continue to have the page. E-mailing EFF in order to inquire might work for the first few people who try, but I doubt the EFF team would want to take the time required to respond, by e-mail, to many requests. EFF, however, might decide to just bring the page out front and inform people like with automatic, say, e–mail, for people subscribed to the site anyway. Fb might’ve changed this policy since I followed EFF’s instructions for disabling one of my accounts, the original one, but I doubt it. From what we know of Zuckerberg by now, I doubt that he’d have changed this in order to allow users to fully delete their Fb accounts.

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