The Art of Movement & How to Find Your Life Purpose – Truth Warrior Vlog

LINKS below: In this vlog I talk about the “Monday blues” and how to change your mindset so you can actively pursue your life passion. I discuss some concepts about the art of movement, as well as my personal experience with studying jiujitsu and how it applies to everyday life, and finish off with some philosophical ponderings about how to discover your vocation in life.
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  • The Healers Wings

    Great video. I have to say I disagree a bit with the “NO” comment. In my opinion as someone who has studied The Laws of Attraction when you say no you are actually saying yes. If it were me I would change that to I choose this instead. By doing that you are training yourself what you really want and are raising your vibration in the process. You’re totally right about allowing your life to unfold for you vs trying to do it for yourself. That was a big one for me to learn as someone who was a doer.

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