The Hijab Scissor Hoax – A lesson in Propaganda And Fake News From The Canadian Government

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The Canadian government has just been caught producing fake news and propaganda of the worst kind! A story that went viral involving a young Muslim girl who was allegedly attacked while walking to school has turned out to be untrue and completely made up. Canadian politicians were swift to respond condemning acts of hatred and “islamaphobia”! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth outlines the sheer hypocrisy of the MSM when it comes to calling out “fake news” as they are actively producing propaganda designed to manipulate the minds of the masses into going along with their own enslavement and it needs to stop!

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  • theprintedmessage com

    Islam must be purged from the earth. The only purpose of Islam is to take over the planet by killing or enslaving the infidel and all followers

  • Blue Apple

    This is a disgusting piece of shit government! I bet TRUDEAU set this story up and got busted by the police! And those parents should be charged! I want to know the real story!

  • DamnDirtyApe

    One of Justin Trudeau’s drama class failures and future ISIS muslim terrorist.
    Deport her now and exterminate that muslim nadlicking terrorist sponsor and finacer Justin Trudeau.

  • Datwuzfun !!

    My first thought was that it was propaganda to help with bill m103. That was a coached 11 yr old, those are not her words or thoughts. Her choice of words don’t match her speech pattern nor manerisms. Don’t even get me started on the mother, i can fake crying a lot better than she did.

  • Rob VanZyderveld

    “oops” guess their little hate crime plan didn’t quite work out.
    …..lmfao. Good on our police to prove this false. How low do these clowns have to stoop to stir the pot? With the attack on the “man” from all these latest sex assault claims and these fake hate crime allegations, the transgender movement and the right to identify as Kermit the fucking frog, WHAT PLANET DO I LIVE ON FOR FUCK SAKE!!!. Is this real life. Someone please wake me up

  • DamnDirtyApe

    Trudeau hates Canada and Canadians

    Trudeau welcomes 60 muslim ISIS terrorists back into Canada.

    Trudeau Disagrees with Public Safety Minister, Thinks Returning ISIS Fighters Can Be “Deradicalized”

    Canada: Muslim charged with trying to join ISIS and possessing explosives found not guilty and freed

    Trudeau’s libtarded government votes in favor of supporting ISIS

    Trudeau admits he smokes dope yet still travels over US/Canada border. (Can’t wait till Trump jails Trudope for admitting dope smoking and rewarding muslim terrorists, lol)

    Trudeau obligates himself to finance muslim terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5mm CAD (yet denied funding the release of Canadian hostages Robert Hall and John Ridsdel murdered by muslims in the Philippines}

    Trudeau is obsessed with murderous dictators. (Castro, muslim terrorist leaders, China communists)

    Trudeau denies Canadian Veterans their rights to healthcare, social services and housing yet donates billions to muslim rapefugees, muslim ISIS supporters, ISIS mosques and muslim terrorist countries

    Trudeau “donated” $200 mm USD to the “Crooked” Clinton Foundation which gas been implicated in embezzlement, corruption and laundering money from terrorist countries.

    Trudeau allows ISIS supporting muslim terrorists to work at Canadian International airports. (Trudeau Backpedals On Terrorism)

    Trudeau stated “muslim terrorists deserve human rights to engage in their religion’s agendas”.

    Trudeau funds muslim mosques associated with funding ISIS.

    Trudeau says he wants Canadians to stay outraged about Omar Khadr deal, (or a “Phuck You Canadians and Americans) killing US Sgt. Speers and supports muslim terrorism rights

    Trudeau is “vanity” obsessed with socks and “Look at me everyone” selfies.

    Trudeau is the fetal brain damaged part time drama teacher and attention whore spewed from a rock and roll coke whore groupie (Margeret Sinclair/rolling stones/6th wedding anniversary)

    Trudeau slams political directions of the UK and USA.

    Trudeau sympathized with the “Boston Bombers”, because they felt “left out of society”.

    Trudeau’s spending policies send too many CAD Tax dollars overseas.

    Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canada, destroying world respect of a once great country.

    Trudeau is the fetal brain damaged product of a 52 yr old cradle robber and a rock and roll coke whore groupie’s drug polluted womb who harbors multiple mental issues.

    Trudeau is the greatest threat and extreme security risk to all of North America with his father’s perverted “multicultural” delusions (sikh terrorist/Air India) that have now proven an epic failure.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Muslim terror financier Trudeau must be immediately removed at any cost by any means from Canada, the world stage of politics, for the good of all Canadians, Americans. all civilizations and humanity.

    S lay
    L ie
    A nd
    M urder

  • Dee lunarfox

    More conformation biased bullshit to manipulate the people who don’t know how to speak out this country makes me physically ill. Time to get pissed off is now.

  • Mike Johnston

    Of course it is, It drives me crazy. We are Canadians not stupid sheep, I knew it was fake before the prime minister played his Soros script on TV we need to fix the situation by electing a party that will not play globalist games. Who is this party? Do we have the option? So far I am NOT convinced. Next will be the ww3 sell on Mainstream Media MSM. Watch for it.

  • Barney Fife

    We believe you should go back to the Middle East. Had God wanted different peoples to live together He would have never scattered the people and languages after He destroyed the Tower of Babel.  Still, I do not condone what happened to the little girl.

  • Ian C

    Trudeau isn’t attempting to divide the Muslim community and the rest of Canadians.
    He’s supporting Sharia creep, and has become a state sponsor of terrorists.
    Moderate doesn’t mean shit. They all know what’s in their book. They all know the teachings of their imams, and in polling, over 80% support behavior we see as _barbaric_ and counter to our ideals.
    Trudeau supports big government, removal of our fundamental Rights and Freedoms, population replacement with low cost, low standard voter blocks which predominantly vote Left for the welfare state, payed for by massively increasing, or adding new taxes, and reducing services for Canadians.
    In turn, He is bringing about a cultural shift to destroy what it means to be Canadian, including making it illegal to criticize their dogmatic Marxist cult.

    We’re paying for our own fucking replacement, and people squabble about bullshit like the feelings of a greater Muslim community that might not wield the knife, but are willing to hide those that do.

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