The Truth About Your HEALTH – David Whitehead

Why do we get sick? Is consciousness a factor? Does a lack of self esteem play a role in why people purposefully ignore their health? How do we stay motivated to pursue healthy habits? In this vlog I share my thoughts after witnessing this phenomena for years in my own life, and in my martial arts/health & wellness profession. Hope it helps. – DW

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  • J Blaze

    David your just sounding like a nutritionist know what a bout the knowledge
    were craving a lot of unanswered questions on the taro

  • Roman Renegade

    I’m not completely through the video yet but I want to say that I basically
    hold the same thoughts of health, and as you’re iterating and couldn’t
    agree more. I know so many people in my life who really don’t take care of
    themselves either because they are busy or work so often that they never
    have the physical preparedness to go and do some type of pro-active
    activity, and I hold a bit of pride that my health and physique sort of
    “jumpstarted” this health centered-ness in my family. I always try to make
    the best choices and make up for when I screw up, I don’t always eat or
    exercise the best, but I do now better. I have the same phenomena where I
    find myself talking to myself lol “C’mon, just do it” have to remind
    myself. It is this loss of care, Mark Passio elaborated on this concept of
    Care and I agree with it and it makes much sense when compared to yourself
    and what choices you make. Great video, I agree completely and it’s great
    that your vlogs have a mental perspective. I too will be starting to do
    livestream discussion and video commentary with some friends, educate
    ourselves and get my voice out there. Thank you for the wisdom as always.

  • LegendaryOn99

    When you said, ‘we are the only species that do the opposite of our best
    interest’, damn! that really hit me. Thanks for the video david!

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