Trump’s RACE For 5G! – This Will NOT End Well

Josh Sigurdson reports on the multitude of problems that come with 5G technology, mostly the untested nature of the 5th generation.
President Trump alongside FCC Chairman Ajit Pai have announced their race to unroll 5G and give the United States a competitive edge on other global markets. The problem is, it’s going to cost tens of billions of taxpayer dollars. Not just that, it’s extremely inefficient which the government itself even knows, yet it doesn’t hold them back one bit.
As per efficiency, there would have to be hubs placed all down every single street. It would be alarmingly pricey and unnecessary when fiber optic cables are of better use. But of course this is about utilizing the notion of convenience to be able to look over everyone’s shoulders and force them into a technocratic superstate.
Then in rural communities it’s highly unlikely to catch on for years, but the US government wants to pay billions to make 5G work in rural areas for the sake of “self driving cars” as if there is no other motive.
Then there’s the health effects. It’s not tried and true. Countless scientists are expressing serious concern over this roll-out. We are essentially expected to be unwilling guinea pigs as this technology is forced on the population, completely inescapable.
Then, there’s the technocratic usage of 5G which allows the state to better track every move and control everything in the internet of things as the centrally planned cashless society reaches our doorsteps and lets itself into our doors.
The amount of problems and the apparent desperation by the state to push this technology should have every single person concerned as to how this will affect their health, wallet and freedoms.
We will continue to cover this story. Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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Josh Sigurdson

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  • CharlieBrown

    Someone needs to WAKE TRUMP UP! 5G is a WEAPON! IT CAUSES CANCER! HOW MANY TIMES DO SCIENTIST HAVE TO TELL HIM THAT? European countries and his overlord Israel will NOT ALLOW 5G into their country! I will NOT support him ANY LONGER if he does NOT STOP 5G! People will start destroying towers after they figure out that 5G is so DANGEROUS! You are one stupid fk thinking automated cars are O.K.

  • Merlin Wizard

    Either shave of grow a beard but lose the scruffy look.  It just makes you look like you don’t care about your personal hygiene.

  • Merlin Wizard

    In 1900 cancer was so rare that it was considered an anomaly in medical schools of the time.  Why was this?  Just about no one LIVED  long enough to get cancer.  So should we go back to 1900?

  • Maryanna Ascher

    The “bold action” they are taking is totally IGNORING the 10th Amendment of the constitution – state’s rights to say yes or no to this technology. The “security” 5G supposedly offers is highly inferior to ANY wired connection (why banks use ONLY wired ethernet connections)… so they must be talking about another kind of ‘security’ – wireless technologies are much easier to hack into.

  • Micheline Burgett

    I am not buying 5 G. because I don’t know every politics can change it anytime , and I don’t know , I don’t trust 5 G even I love my President Trump .

  • Micheline Burgett

    See my Native Country isn’t Europe , it is in East Africa , and I don’t here about African Continent any more in the U.S. News . I have to keep helping African Continent Idea ad I am Economist , because U.S.talks and concerns about Europeans Economy and Israel , only . We are all Americans , so , Africans must help the Continent African Economics Ideas .

  • Micheline Burgett

    Brother , I love you and I love Israel even you here me talk about African Continent but I am one of them , I have to help them with my ideas.

  • Matt Langstraaat

    Show us hard data by people much smarter then you, if your going to slam trump. Ur country loves truedou.. thus my hesistance to just…. believe you.. geez.. alternative media is getting as bad as msm

  • Mason Lifestyle

    As much as i agree with the real imminent dangers of 5g …i also understand that 5g will permit the destruction of the rothschild central banking system …

  • Travis Sanders

    We just finally got LTE out here in Hawaii followed by a blanket of Fiber Optic internet in places that don’t even have water or trash service. We were so far behind with the LTE I’m glad to live here hoping 5G is still 10 years out for my neck of the jungle

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