Josh Sigurdson recently spoke with Adam Kokesh about his views on anarcho-capitalism, voluntaryism and how he defines these ideologies. Adam also goes into his recent endorsement of John Mcafee for President under the Libertarian Party ticket. While many have disapproved of Adam’s endorsement of the badass anarchist who wants to abolish the state according to his own words, Adam defends his endorsement and explains why he supports John Mcafee despite also going back many years with Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen.
Adam then digs into the Donald Trump limited hangout which in his theory is actually a Hillary Clinton limited hangout and why libertarians and anarchists need to re-examine their views before going and voting for a guy who’s actually quite liberal in many of his views and is spreading negative messages that many people frustrated with their position in society under the tight political correct culture are flocking to out of more emotion than logic.
There’s no doubt that the media is bashing Trump 24/7, but they’re also talking about him 24/7 too. The media controls the mind. If you beam someone’s face into people’s heads long enough, they’ll vote for them.
Adam is one of the ballsiest activists in recent U.S. history. From loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, getting arrested several times, imprisoned more than once and always getting up and doing acts of civil disobedience no matter the repercussions, Adam’s one of the most active people in the liberty movement.
Adam’s a veteran, a former TV host of ‘Adam vs. The Man’ on Russia Today and the author of the book ‘Freedom!’
Adam wrote ‘Freedom!’ while in prison. It breaks down what people need to know about voluntaryism and anarchy, but not in the leftist sense of the word anarchy, but real individual freedom. These are the only political beliefs that don’t infringe on others being able to live the way they personally choose. Good ideas don’t need to be forced and Adam always makes an excellent argument against coercion, something that so many demand out of apathy as they sit on their hands and wait for a politician to do things for them. Things that other people don’t necessarily want but that’s what draws the line between collectivism and individualism. As people rush to vote in another flavor or a so-called agent of “change” once again as we’ve seen election after election, they don’t actually do anything to change the world themselves. This is essentially sitting on your hands. In a sense it’s absolute Stockholm Syndrome.

We thank Adam Kokesh for speaking with us and we hope to speak with him again soon!

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