Moncton Shooting Of RCMP Officers Leads To Militarized Police State

With less then one month to go until the 3 year anniversary of the Moncton shooting, the RCMP want to equip their officers with military grade carbines and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth calls for an end to the increasing police state in Canada. Patreon ➜
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The Moncton Shooter Rampage – Counter The Propaganda!

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  • Kelvin Grabowsky

    It’s all in their tactics, 4 cops against 1 gunman, and the cops lose? Every mass killings of cops or should I say RCMP members, they end up with a higher death toll. Why? Tactics, not their equipment, tactics. They are better trained on computers than they are with an active shooter scenario. Btw, isn’t every cruiser issued a shotgun, with double oo buck or ssg? I studied the Moncton and the Alberta shootings and they were a complete cluster fuck on the tactical end from the RCMP, in fact heads from the higher higher should have rolled.

  • Isaac President

    I HATE sooo much how the police here in ottawa both local and RCMP have been armed with weapons we had in Afghanistan. I literally have break downs when I see that and experience fear around them. I despise this liberal NWO!

  • democracy forever

    RCMP don’t need carbines to act as butlers when they help illegal migrants with their suitcases as they cross the border

  • MOSS88

    I do not see a problem with cops having carbines. If civilians have them then they should as well. It is not like they will be walking around with rifles…

  • Alex Delarge

    @2:30 You couldn’t offer a more unadulterated example of the slippery-slope fallacy.

    LOGIC > fallacies

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