Josh Sigurdson and author John Sneisen did a report a couple months ago on the insanely high inflation rate in Suriname and how the people of Suriname are suffering. We at WAM figured it would be good to give everyone an update, especially those in the largely Dutch speaking South American country.
With the last official report showing that the Surinamese inflation rate hitting around 55%, the government has not released any proper updates and the rate could be as high as 100% by now. With the IMF imposing their will at the cooperation of Desi Bouterse and the central bankers in Suriname, we’re watching a controlled collapse of Suriname’s economy once again.
Bouterse is a known criminal and is said to be behind countless murders, torture and drug trafficking as well as even pardoning his foster son who has an extensive criminal background. As this gangster runs the country into the ground, the globalists take advantage of the situation and the mainstream media pays no attention to the reality as they likely feel that the Surinamese people don’t matter because the population is so small. That said, the media likely wouldn’t comment on it much anyways considering their bias towards actually covering the issues that matter and their preference of instead dividing the populace against each other in order to distract them from the real problems plaguing society. The government and central banking cartels.

We break down several issues that face the Surinamese people and what we in our opinions think they should do in order to turn this around in their favor. They have so much potential in Suriname with the commodities and resources around them but the state makes sure that they live in debt slavery, divided, conquered and used. It’s time the people of Suriname stand up. Not for a new leader but for themselves as individuals.

Stay tuned as we continue to update you on Suriname!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

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