Trump Urgently Pushes for 5G! Elon musk Issues WARNINGS!!!

Trump Urgently Pushes for 5G! Elon musk Issues WARNINGS!!!

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  • Ricardo A

    Wow, I wish you guys could have Max Igan more often in this channel. He’s quite a sharp mind. Well done on this topic, thanks for the video

  • Patricia M

    Google is developing A.I. for killer drones. In other words, Google is part of the MIC and working for the Pentagon.

  • mwoz87

    I remember the story in Australia where the telecom employee destroyed the cell phone towers with a bulldozer. I won’t be surprised if the same thing starts happening here in america after we see how dangerous this tech is.

  • MrSh4des

    Trump is accelerating the destruction of western society at an unprecedented rate. You have to give credit the psychopaths that rule us they know a thing or two about social engineering.

  • Multikalwin

    Wait, you’re libertarian capitalist? You want small government, end the big brother, low taxes on the rich etc… (basically your last few videos on AOC, Tulsi, Bernie, Omar) Yet you want regulations on a company? Shouldn’t you allow the market to flush this out? /confused

  • Shawn Barnish

    Truth be told, 4G technology can’t handle the growing demand for speed and bandwidth.

    A resistance to a upgraded system will result in a loss in service quality and speed as they oversell the current technology.

    5G just stands for 5th generation cellular wireless data.
    EVDO -> EVDO rev A -> 3G – > 4G

    Now imagine tying to stream full HD on 3G.
    You can’t.

    There are certain frequency resonance that we should probably avoid but simply saying “No 5th Generation cellular wireless” is sort of silly.

  • Sean Omeirs

    Step right up. Here we go. Get your tickets for the laser show.
    Never mind that children, women and men are murdered every day around the world by conventional weapons.

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