Conspiracy Therapy: Free Thinkers, The Conscious Resistance & Social Activism with Derrick Broze

On this episode of Conspiracy Therapy I talk to Derrick Broze. He is an author, independent journalist, alternative media creator, musician, and social activist. He writes articles on articles on indigenous rights, civil liberties, the police state, crypto currency, solutions and much more. His articles have been featured on many popular websites such as Truth In Media, The Anti-Media, Mint Press News, The Conscious Resistance Network and Coinivore. He also founded The Houston Free Thinkers and runs “The Conscious Resistance Network” (

Derrick and I discuss his social activism and community work, his website “The Conscious Resistance”, his book that he helped co-author “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality”, as well as his overall philosophy on life, society, politics and the possible solutions to the problems we face in our world.

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