EXPOSED: You Won’t Believe Who’s Helping George Soros Hijack The Texas Gold Industry!

Josh Sigurdson breaks down groundbreaking information from top anonymous sources exposing George Soros, Kyle Bass, Eric Sprott, Peter Schiff and the roll GoldMoney, Hayman Capital and Dillon Gage have in monopolizing the Texas gold industry by weaselling into the administrative rolls at the Texas Gold Depository and UTIMCO.
This is HUGE news! This could actually land Kyle Bass in legal trouble considering his apparent breach of the UTIMCO code of ethics. Namely section 1.08.
Bass privately bought shares in GoldMoney while on the board of directors for the University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO).
J. Kyle Bass bought numerous shares of GoldMoney Inc. GoldMoney, Inc. is in partnership with Dillon Gage. Dillon Gage is one of the competitors for the administrator role for the Texas Bullion Depository.
This is all while Soros for the first time over the past year has been giving huge sums of money to Democratic politicians in the Lone Star State.
This breakdown using incredible secretive sources from high up the chain will shock you! This video could dramatically slow down this buy-up of the Texas gold industry thanks to the good work of our subscribers and viewers sharing this information around!
You won’t find this information anywhere else!

Stay tuned as we continue to expose this case!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Lizzy S

    None of this*Info* is true honestly if you want real news watch TYT or RT or another creditable source that is vailad

  • Blaewas

    This is personal now. You don’t mess with Texas. Or we will mess with you. I’m lookin’ at you Soros.

  • snippythehorse

    The elites are twined like a den of vipers……The insider deals creep into every facet of our lives….even when the people win, they regain control of the new paradigme through their shadowy criminal connections….

  • Liber De Deum

    +amdg+ Lift the Veil already reported about the Bitgold questionable background last month, thanks for picking it up and putting it out +pax Christi!+

  • Grumpy Cat

    Yep Soros and his Globalist wet dream planted his demon seed into our Canadian Traitor of a PM Justin Trudeau who is now raping Canada. He can’t give our money away fast enough and he can’t let terrorists in fast enough

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