The Attempted BOMBING of GEORGE SOROS – What You NEED To Know!

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An explosive device has been found in the mailbox of billionaire activist and major donor of leftist causes George Soros in an apparent assassination attempt on his life….or was it? One of Soros’s employees found a suspicious package in the mailbox and opened it, finding the explosive device. According to reports they then put the package in the woods and called the cops, who sent a bomb squad to safely detonate it. Soros himself was not at home at the time. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over everything you need to know about this incident, what led up to it, who might be involved and more importantly what’s going to come of it.


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  • Kimberly Soenyun

    Tell me one right conservative that has ever been proven responsible for terroristic type assaults, anywhere. This man needs no conspirators to call him what he is. A leftist, anti democracy, anti freedom anti free speech and anti Christian. He likely either did this to himself or has pissed of one of his hired executioners. Why he is not deported and banned from the USA is truly a mystery. Hopefully he will live the rest of his days in GITMO next to Podesta’s and coconspirator criminal Killery Rotten Clinton! This is how the RIGHT handle our business. The rule of law may not be dead after all. ??WWG1WGA??

  • Jacqueline Worthington

    There has not been time to do an investigation but we are living in a post fact world if it is allowed by the public.

  • Able Dully

    Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick is a video that will help you to understand how this type of trickery is used to gain an edge somehow, assuming this was an inside job. If it was truly a plot to destroy him it seems ridiculous to put a bomb in the mailbox of a man like him. He has to have protection and servants who do that sort of work. If there was a bomb in the mailbox there should be video of it since he has to at least have a cam at the gate. Come on folks, I could drive a truck through the holes in this story.

  • April C

    So let me get this right. Some dummy sees an explosion device takes it in his hands, walks away with it and puts in some bushes for safety.
    Anyone with two brain cells is not going to walk anywhere with such a device in their hands. If you are not an expert on these things common sense would tell you leave it run like hell and call ATF and FBI hello?
    Not buying it ugly man.
    Not even a good try.

  • Polijuana Cracker

    Yeah right like that old coot would get his own mail. I trust that he has already signed his deal with God. Worry not.

  • BigSmartArmed

    I won’t believe it until his head explodes on live TV and his corpse is examined by an independent coroner for DNA, prints, dental imprints, semen, blood, evil spirit, and his Drivers License.

  • CommieBash

    I was so VERY VERY VERY SAD to hear this news…. I think it’s just TERRIBLE, that the bomb did not go off in Soros’ face and blow his filthy head off!!!! Better luck next time!!!! I hope this SOB is taken out. Die scum die!!!!

  • SammytheStampede

    I’m no expert on the richest persons in the world, but no one sends George Soros a bomb knowing someone else gets his mail. He’s rich enough to afford “the help”.

  • Jean Burk

    Lol Soros’ contributions are a matter of record. And easy to find on the internet. Money into a group directly connects to actions of that group or supported individual. No conspiracy. No theory. Heads of state know what he is doing. Records of his short selling collapsed businesses and countries exist. What about the consliacy to fool the public by media?

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