Josh Sigurdson breaks down from an AnCap position why AnComs are NOT real anarchists.

Seizing the means of production is sabotage and violates the non-aggression principle. When people voluntarily sign up for a job they are not being enslaved. Forcing others collectively to pay for their refusal to work is slavery. Using collective force against others is not anarchy, voluntary interactions without coercion are.
The private contract is voluntary. The social contract is not. These are incredibly simple notions that far too many leftist AnComs refuse to understand. You need the state or ruling collectives to enforce rules on others to not voluntarily work for others. Private property is not debatable. Those that look to take that away from us are not anarchists, they’re collectivists who wish to use force.
These AnCom groups funded by George Soros to push chaos on the populace are the reason why people stray away from anarchy. They perpetuate the long held stereotype of the bomb-throwing anarchist but Anarcho-Capitalists and voluntaryists leave open the right to create your own commune as long as these AnComs leave us alone and don’t use force against us.
The hypocrisy among AnComs piles high, so we put this together for those that just don’t quite understand.
Extortion, theft and any other type of involuntary force will not be tolerated.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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