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Explosive devices have been found with the intended targets allegedly being Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Time Warner’s CNN! This comes just days after a bomb found at the home of George Soros was detonated by the FBI in what many are calling a coordinated attack. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the details of these events, why these specific targets were chosen and more importantly what you can expect to come of this moving forward!


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  • Orlando Valerino

    Right wing morons and left wing libtards, red team vs. blue team, how easy it is to control the masses. Edward Bernays knew what he was talking about in his book Propaganda.

  • Ralph Killoran

    The Bomber problem isn’t so my what you are saying on your videos as what the commenters are saying. Do you ever read those hateful comments many actually do promote violence. It was only a matter of time before a lunatic in the Alternative Media’s audience thought of gains by violence and now we have the Bomber(s). Does this make you happy?

  • 4WesternCivilizaton

    This looks like a false flag to those who know what to look for..

    Idiots on the left might believe this shyt.. sounds like a Soros op.

  • rvnmedic1968

    HOAX! Perpetrated by the DNC operatives, always known for dirty tricks. They will do anything to ruin/destroy Trump and the U.S. in the process.

  • Love Roscoe

    Looks like a grade B movie trailer. NOTHING about it looks legit. What’s surprising is your intellectual struggle over whether it looks real or fake. I’m disappointed Trump puts more focus on this (he knows) & torturing legit pain patients, rather than the INVASION.

  • dharma6529

    Yep, I totally agree ~ The left is capable of that and much more ~ I am a Venezuelan and I personally lived and saw the dirty evil nasty inhuman macabre acts these Communists are capable of ~ The Caravan coming from Central America, The “bombs,” everything they can do so they end up looking like victims – They ALWAYS want to look like VICTIMS, that’s their weapon…

  • Carolann Starr

    Dan you are a great reporter and I appreciate all you do, so thank you, I just want to say that first. Second, This type of action could be a person out there but my feeling is this has left side set up all over it. Its what Soros, Clinton, Obama and so on, do to set the right side up. I am wondering who they paid off to make this look legit if it does. Because they will have stories and I would not put it past these people to do this to themselves, the same people I know that were involved in getting a bomb to go off at President Trump’s office when he was running. The same people that got riots going by hiring crisis actors and people to lure in young college students and younger to riot costing lives, the same people that set up the votes and stealing the rights of the American people and the list goes on in regards to the things they have done. To me, this sounds like them. I also agree with all you said Dan and very well said it was. They are desperately playing the same song just trying to dance more aggressive at once. Creating false crap. Get ready because I am sure they are gonna try their best to make it their way. God bless.

  • Orlando Valerino

    Migrant zombie herds for the right and incompetent bombing threats for the left. (S)election cycle mass manipulation madness and folks fall for it over and over. U.S. Americans are the most highly entertained and least educated populace on the planet, they literally fall for the same mass manipulation stunts every 2-4 years.

  • Bernadine Schacht

    A lot of conservatives still have an intact brain and are realizing that leftist libtard regressives and their toadies the social injustice wackos are willing to do ANYTHING and pull any stunt to make themselves not only look good but to make themselves look victimized. They are so eager to cast aspersions against people who don’t agree with their anti-American anti-patriotic baloney that they will pull any stunt to villainize, demonize, and marginalize decent taxpaying law-abiding citizens. More and more, however, good people are onto their tricks and deceit and duplicity.

  • gianni arnoldons

    Ur analysis was EXACTLY the SAME conclusion i drew when i first heard the news! Good job bro! If i had any money wouldnt mind supporting u. Cheers bro!

  • gianni arnoldons

    What if tho, its just a move to confuse us even more? Wht if theres no actual free party, and all are part of the deep state, even icons like trump and putin… it could be the perfect excuse to create a serious police state.

  • PissedFechtmeister

    I strongly condemn these acts of terrorism. There’s no excuse for sending bombs to people when snipers have a much higher kill rate.

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