The US Dollar Is DONE! – China & Saudi Arabia Will Trade Oil In Yuan

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the currency swaps happening across the board as China convinces Saudi Arabia to trade oil in Yuan.
For years, Saudi Arabia has traded with China in US Dollars, the world reserve currency, frustrating China. Well now, as the US dollar sees its inevitable precipice, China says they will compel Saudi Arabia to trade oil in Yuan! If this is done, most experts believe the rest of the oil market will move with them.
China has been attempting to establish itself as the world reserve currency for quite some time as power incrementally shifts. It’s a massive phenomenon that’s not likely to stop any time soon.
Saudi Arabia is the kingpin of OPEC and the IMF is looking to base its headquarters in China in the next few years if all works out as planned.
This isn’t to mention the fact that China is pushing its centrally planned digital currency system or cashless society as the state gets more technocratic by the day, pushing social credit scores and examining every square foot with facial recognition technology.
Individuals must decentralize and find a way out of this dependent system or being forced into it with little recourse. Self sustainability and independence is key!

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this issue!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Ryan Dixon

    Dude you two retards are alarmists. Might be some facts here but tired of you guys just going to the extreme end of the spectrum Fucking with peoples heads

  • jonniecypher

    I see a situation where TPTB devalue the US dollar debt by inflating all other currencies as the US dollar falls out of use as the worlds reserve currency. If they ride the down with currency swaps then that US debt probably could be managed. Lot’s of smaller investors and the US will be hit hard but I could see that’s how they keep the system going.
    The majority in the West will wear the worst of it, of course. But we are told now that we’ve never had it so good even though it doesn’t seem like that to so many. The Elite will do what they need to do to survive. We are just forced to go along with it. Propaganda style.

  • Brett Strickland

    Blah blah blah, you guys keep going on and on about the US dollar
    Trump and Co are rolling out this plan to remove the swamp, this plan is years in the making
    Don’t you think they thought of the US dollar!!!
    Go watch X22 report

  • Cherri Zirkel

    Well it will be to their own destruction prophecy is America will prosper the next 7 years. America dollar will suddenly be more worth than other currencies. Oil gas in Middle East is drying up. Saudi knows this their oil is drying up. After earthquakes apparently the oil that existed in Middle East was drained and the huge oil has appeared in Israel and off coast of California in pacific. Saudi Arabia bought weapons because their oil is disappearing they need weapons for self preservation. This is what Saudi told Trump. Crypto currency and bitcoin won’t be part of new world currency. They say crypto currency is corrupt easily hacked. The beast money is crypto currency

  • Provenia Evermi

    They really should boycott the dollar, cause america thinks that they are everything, it can be shut down any second, be humble or u gonna destroy ur innocent american people

  • wayne mcclory

    Never happen well not while Trump is in office ! We will see a new US currency after the mid term and the Global reset. But China will be in much worse shape. Think about it with all the Ghost cities collapsing along with the yuan. Remember this is the backbone of China’s financial system and it is in disrepair.they will have to call on the world to go to a Gold backed currency but by then much of their manufacturing will be lost to all countries.

  • Alex Robson

    I try explain Inflation to people here in South Africa… they don’t get it either. . . “Why does a box of matches cost 50 Billion ZIM dollars?’ Duuuuh! WAKE UP NPCs!

  • Green Acres

    My bank just sent me a nice email saying no need to panic, just an adjustment, everything is fine. I replied to the email that we are fucked and you know it so stop bullshitting.

  • Ant Poo

    Thucidydis trap. US empire has more aircraft carriers and nukes, what makes you think they won’t take us to war first before it’s too late?

  • Troy Ramsier

    Sitting naked in front of a mud hut and foraging for insects is the ultimate camping experience. Can’t Wait. Great Big Smile !!!

  • dwayne barnaby

    Anti American propaganda. How can China take over as a world currency when they are heavily in debt and their economy is tanking????????????!!!

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