Burger King Whopper Neutrality DEBUNKED! – What You Need To Know About Net Neutrality

Josh Sigurdson debunks the terrible viral video put out by Burger King called “Whopper Neutrality”.

Recently a video made by Burger King went viral on YouTube. It was basically a pro net neutrality video using whoppers as an analogy. The premise is that people attempt to buy a whopper only to have to wait long periods of time or pay more.
The metaphor was terrible, but of course the media played it up as a genius move by the giant monopoly that sold people horse meat for several years.
In this video, we debunk the preconcieved notions this commercial ignorantly displays.
Net neutrality is supposed to stop big monopolies from over pricing their products and censoring that which they do not like. Meanwhile, the government regulation actually leads to MASSIVE monopolies ruling in the internet and television provider business with fixed prices that are so much higher than they would be if there was true free market competition. Conveniently, the big monopolies that so many think net neutrality saves them from are huge supporters of the regulations including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Netflix and of course the big providers like Comcast and Verizon.
If there weren’t so many government regulations, the market would act on the individual demand of those supporting it. Consumers would decide. Companies would have to provide the best product for the best price in order to compete against the countless other companies attempting to do the same. This means far more innovation, production, employment, better wages and repeat.
No company competing in this market would willingly refuse to provide what their customers want, drive their prices up against their competition, provide terrible quality products unless they wanted people to move to another alternative.
Let’s look at this from the perspective of burger neutrality. Imagine the government came in and implemented this burger neutrality. Of course McDonalds and Burger King would support it. It goes through and every place that serves burgers has to provide it at the same price. McDonalds and Burger King survive these regulations and become the only options. They can then raise their prices as there would be no competition to worry about.
This is not rocket science.

Whatever governments do, free markets do far better. And without force!

Stay tuned and stay free everyone!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Francisco The boss

    Theyre paying more for faster burgers not better burgers. Why are you comparing an ad as a simple explanation of net neutrality to a political propaganda ad?

  • sergiosergio12345678

    Net neutrality is needed since their is no competition, most people depend on a single provider, and yes government causes the problem by lot allowing free competition to exist. Comcast is known to throttle now they have the green light to block sites and throttle, if you use a vpn to will notice how they throttle.

  • Adomay Ceballos

    People don’t realize that they are putting an agenda. They wouldn’t this far into making this propaganda as commercial . Which is obviously fake . All actors .

  • Stone Age

    This is the same challenge as when the phone system was de-regulated. I wonder what we would be paying for service had it not been? One thing about Monopolies… They suck you in by saying it’s better and would allow price controls. They they get rid of competition and the prices are controlled by the big 2 or 4 that are in the game. And the price goes up with the service getting worse.

  • fightzionistNWO

    Some of what you’re saying makes sense and some of it though well intentioned is just far too simplistic.I’m no fan of Obama or his fake “Net Neutrality”.But just because Obama and his Net Neutrality are both frauds,doesn’t mean it’s not possible to have sensible regulation which includes sensible consumer protection as well as protecting the constitutional rights of the American public.You seem to be making the old “just let the free market sort it all out” argument.The problem is when YouTube,Google,Facebook etc. are engaging in Orwellian censorship and “camouflaging” it as “violating community guidelines”.The ‘ free market’ isn’t going to fix that problem.The problem is when you go on their ‘private company platform’ you have agreed to their terms of service.Which is basically a fraud where they are engaging in a conspiracy of social engineering and suppression of free speech through legal technicality.The FREE MARKET will not fix this problem as the FREE MARKET has effectively been rigged by companies exercising excessive market manipulation. Therefore it is up to the Government to step in and hold these overbearing,Orwellian corporate entities to account in relation to the constitutional rights of the consumer.

  • Vader Vaders

    I have eaten there twice, 18 years apart and they food poisoned me both times!

    Removing Government is only half the issue, monopolization is the other.

  • BiddieTube

    People are absolutely stupid and dumb for watching corporate propaganda in the first place. They should know by now that propaganda is effective even if you know it is propaganda. Only watched this to 1 : 55 and stopped, because even though the video is not propaganda, I suspect that watching the Chunks of the fast food propaganda that are scattered through the video may still effect me. I have not had tv, radio, newspapers, do not look at billboards etc in over 15 years. Just a tiny exposure will likely cause large setbacks.

  • Liber De Deum

    +amdg+ BK already receives an advantage with all the subsidies that go into the livestock industry, this stupidity is anecdotal evidence to support veganism ??

  • I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

    We have 3 choices here. 10/100 from the cable company, 1/10 from the phone company, and the cell phone company with random speeds.

  • Peter d'Entremont

    A better analogy would be the customers walking across the street to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Harvey’s, In N Out, Whataburger or any number of other burger places.

  • Lana Carter

    The USGovt Corp does not own the internet. It was stolen 17 years ago and laundered patent by mil ind com to zuckerberg who can explain it.

  • DarthShadie

    They’re saying that you pay more for the same whopper but you get it sooner, Whereas when you pay more, you get more and better quality, not ghe same birger crap. I can only eat home made burgers btw, fast food doesn’t sit well with me. Oh, and I love your commentary, Josh. Got me giggling quite a bit.

  • Jason Turgeon

    Your premise is flawed. If you think unregulated corporations won’t price gouge the market you’re a retard. Have fun when your videos are throttled because net neutrality is gone. Unsubbed, cuz you’re clearly an idiot.

  • Lou Vegas

    Ha ha. If this really happened, McDonalds and Wendy’s would pop up everywhere around this BK and nobody would eat at BK anymore. Then BK would have to learn how to please customers again or go out of business. Then with Obama’s stupid neutrality active, the government would tell all burger joints how much to charge and how long to cook and how much to pay staff. People would end up leaving the country to find a good burger again.

  • Matt Cox

    in theory. sure sounds great. here in the real world it’s not possible to just “let the free market” figure it out. should be a utility here in the us. it is critical infrastructure just like energy at this point. you only hit on one point. they can also charge for what services you use and prioritize their services over any other services. do you even know what you are talking about? btw. i have 1. ONE option for internet where I am. I can’t just switch. It’s the same for over half of america. Come on guy. Stop spewing this crap.

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