Documenting The Roots Of Fascism In The 21st Century

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“For A New Fascism” is the newest documentary film from Richard Heathen of Liberty Machine News.
What happens when society is overrun by the revolutionary left? Historically nationalist right-wing movements rise to meet the challenge, when Marxist egalitarians agitate and disrupt the status quo to implement their agenda. The resulting collision rocks nations, and some times civilizations, to their very core.
In Western Civilization today these tensions are on the rise in many countries. From the United States to Europe, nationalists and radical egalitarians are meeting head on and exploding in to conflict, often resulting in violence. With the election of President Donald Trump, and the ever increasing organization of the far right, these tensions are only going to escalate.
What does this mean for the future of the West? Could this be a sign of the decline of Western Civilization? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Richard Heathen about his newest documentary “For A New Fascism” which documents the history of fascist movements and the clash between the “tolerant left” and the “alt right” that we are currently seeing today.

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About The Author


  • James Peter

    Richard Heathen, This guy is very intelligent regarding this particular topic.

    I know and understand what Dan’s view on Libertarian-ism is and now I know Richard’s view.

    I like both of there views but I tend to lean more toward with Richard.

    With a Biblical perspective, I believe Richard is more correct.

    But Dan’s view of…Government can’t fix Government is fine too, it’s just that…that’s not going to happen before the second coming of Christ. There may be more free places and even state nations that are very Libertarian but the whole world will never be Jeff Berwick’s dream world of “De-centralized” liberty systems.

    Also, the idea of cycles is found in the scriptures as well.

    I am a Libertarian (Former “Anarcho-Capitalist”) and a Christian believer in Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ)

    Have a blessed day.

  • recynd77

    Democracy = Communism, in effect. It’s mob-rule. The US was NEVER intended to be a democracy; it was set up as a republic for a reason. The problem with all political systems is that they’re all communitarian not individualistic, and imbue “the government” with illegitimate authority.

  • yvonnehelder1978

    I believe WW2 has not ended and is infact WW3 at the same time, in an effort to take down everybody on Earth in a final extended blow. I hope you understand what I mean. Great job as always and nice to meet an other new truth warrior by watching your channel.

  • James Peter

    Richard, You have a solid view of Politics and Economics.

    Please come to Jesus Christ as He want’s you on His team.

    Don’t think that the Roman Whore of Babylon (Roman Catholic Church) is a true representation of Christianity or following Jesus and what He was about.

    Look at the Daniel 2 Prophecy and the Daniel 7 Prophecy!

    May the Grace of Yeshua be with you.

  • James Peter

    Dan! Jeff Berwick’s dream reality of 7 billion governments is just not gonna happen!

    If it does actually happen it will be for a brief time just before the second coming of Jesus Christ!

  • Kermit

    Squabbling over what exact form of collectivism currently exists on its way to becoming full blown Communism is a waste of time. Its all communism.

  • William Ezell

    Hmm somehow I knew when i saw the title itd just blame everything on the left. Authoritarianism is a problem on both ends of the spectrum.

  • yvonnehelder1978

    The waking up is now and possibly working to evolve in a different result, finally. Even the people who fly left are doing it with the right intentions. A lot of people who get titled rightwinged are also doing it for the right reasons. When they both realize they are being played out against eachother, we might take a step towards a good chance to clean up the mess of last many centuries of human “civilizations”. I see how we can live different from now, but we must save the minds and bodies of the youth. We are different and that is ok, just don’t bother an other just because you can. As adults we know where to do our business of love and expressions, children are not to be put in situations to get used to that. That’s the same as any country being involved in an others election, it is not polite and should not occure. Not saying who does what on that one. My country ( the Netherlands ) started the whole Russian hacking narritive, not US. US does intervere in others elections.

  • Leigh Stewy

    Time and time again we’ve seen protests on the left and right, including agent provocateurs, paid by government. It’s fuelled by them and I believe there are social media influencers on the left and right, dividing people as well to implement more control. The system is rigged. I wish you asked him about Voluntaryism! Thought provoking interview.

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