IMPORTANT: Luke Rudkowski & WeAreChange BANNED On Wikipedia For Exposing Russian Collusion Hoax!

Wikipedia has decided who is a reliable source and who is not, we are not…

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  • Pablo Casiano

    They will never give up trying to maintain power! It’s up to the people to see through their lies. What blows my mind is how many people actually believe the main stream media, it’s crazy! It seems like nobody can think for themselves. It’s pathetic and it shows how hypnotized and indoctrinated the public is.

  • Jersey Furburger

    Yeah in times of universal deciet telling the truth is revolutionary. George Orwell… If you want to get mainstream airplay you could always be a paid shill like A jones. They’re suppressing the truth. I’m sure partially because they can’tface the truth themselves among other nefarious reasons. Besides Wikipedia is an openly unreliable source.

  • rob morgan

    In a time of authoritarianism libertarians and liberals will be targeted first. Once we’re neutralized and out of the way the Gestapo(R) or Stazi(L) will take the gloves off.

  • Jim Adams

    JStressman is not a member of Wikipedia as far as I can tell. He may have changed his user identity and there are some “edits” still present in archive under that name. But no links.

  • Pyro

    Keep up the work!!! The people knows who is lying and cheating the people. You all have stayed true through all the bullshit Presidents that has been in office since you all started. I’ll forever be a supporter of WeAreChange!!!!

  • passane74

    Russia !Russia ! Russia ! I say bullshit since the beginning just like Naom Chomsky sait it. It was and it will be all about the picture in front of $100 bill.

  • J Carroll

    Wikipedia is for the weak of mind. Wikipedia has little validity. So little validity, the college I attended informed all incoming students citations using Wikipedia would not be allowed and papers referencing the site would garner an immediate ZERO. That was 10 years ago, but I haven’t forgotten it since. Wikipedia has no credibility.

  • Peter Myers

    When you and Dollar Vigilante went to Venezuela, you exposed the folly of Socialism. I believe that’s your sin.

  • Alice Jackson

    Your telling the truth , that’s like poison to the corrupt, are whole world is based on lies and smoke screens . Coming under attack belive or not means we are wounding them with the power of words spoken with conviction.

  • Heather Brant

    You will be silenced soon too I’m sure..we can’t have total dipsticks doing the news..even when you don’t lie to us flat out you misrepresent the material you steal from your sources like..Main Stream Media..even though you say they are “FAKE NEWS”..then wait what are you then? Fake News Too..

  • 1.618033987 GR

    ONLY #13?? Lol GOOD JOB You guys bette step it up 😛 bess’ you start pissing off a higher level of crooks……..those fuckers are clowns 🎠🎡🎢 !!! Take it as a twisted compliment 🏆💯✔

  • Not Me

    This happens on YouTube already. If you search for certain subject videos, you get a related Wikipedia insert below the video with a link to Wikipedia.

    Some examples of video are as follows:

    Agenda 21

    Ive also seen inserts stating where certain channels get their funding. RT comes to mind but there are others.

  • austin daniel

    Fuck yeah. Luke and Jason straight slaying the mainstream media. Everyday I wake up I’m feeling more hopeful And feeling more connected to people.some of that is due to you guys. Stay positive – AJ

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