Lil Dicky: Earth EXPOSED!

This new video is so over the top with celebrity culture it has to be true right?

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  • Remy Lebeau

    It was a horrible song. Constant sexual innuendo, fear-mongering and repetitive and meaningless “earth good man bad” brainwashing that Jason mentioned.

  • Daniel Green

    Actually plans to move the goy into regional zones is unfolding now..If you don’t have a gold star on your driver’s license you’ll be living in a agenda 21 regional zone

  • DAB 369

    Back in about 2003/2004 my teachers tried to scare the shit out of us. They said the we’d all be dead by 2014 😅

  • Lisa Warren

    They need celebrities to sell Climate change when they have been doing weather manipulation for decades, Geoengineering and we all know polluting is bad but it’s Industry doing it and laws protecting them. Fracked water being put back into our water ways etc.

  • Ron Helton

    Time to stop giving morons air time to spout their delusions. The climate has been changing on this planet for billions of years without the input of humans. #Idiocracy

  • Elizabethan Diosa

    Celebrity lube. Wow the ugly ones have done another ugly job. Corporate pedophile executives must spend big bucks to prop up these so called performers. I won’t call them artists because they’re not.

  • Life Is A Bitch

    Lol talk all the mess u want but it wont change anything lil dicky is number one trending an thousands are loving it while u complain an whine bout how bad the video was🤣🤣your complaint will not affect anyone so this vid is worthless dude sorry

  • CameraManJ

    Why are we supposed to believe change is great for humanity, however the earth changing is a bad thing?! It’s almost like these CLOWNS believe that humans have more power than nature.

  • Bill n Rach care less what you think Hole-in-wall

    Actual song: let me smell yo dick, lol I’m not trolling though I kinda wish I was, go look that up and come back here and let me know what you think lol seriously, go!😂😂

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