Sherman’s Murdered, Soros/Bitcoin/Trudeau Rubber Duck Conspiracy & Privacy Commissioner’s Epic Fail

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In another installment of “What You Need To Know” we cover three of the top stories making headlines this morning. Today we’re going to be talking about the death of Barry and Honey Sherman which has now been officially ruled a homicide by police, we’re going to go over the Soros, Bitcoin, Trudeau Rubber Duckie connection….yes you heard that right but don’t worry, all will be explained! And last but not least we’re going to debunk the privacy commissioner’s news release today which suggests that Improvements are needed to protect your online reputation. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth sifts through the fake news and propaganda of the day to bring you the truth on each matter that you’re not receiving from the main stream media!

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  • sgpigfkr

    good work keep it up!
    will be back at supporting you soon …thank obutthumpercare and their double dipping my account for why i stopped.  #respect

  • bipola telly

    the scumbag commish’s rep is in tatters now…. we know what he is.
    He reminds me of the dad from Independence Day… funny that….

  • Gord Ibis

    Soros admits he help the Nazis and our world leader is sleeping with him what the fuck canada place of that’s going to be the fourth Reichif he’s not stopped let’s all pray that devil has a heart attqck in public and don’t give me your fucking bullshit I saw him say it on the 60 minutes interview

  • Olga Loaiza

    I wonder if that ominous rubber ducky hype is a type of pizza gate thingy-ma-jiggi kind of thing! We are loosing our rights by the minute. The Deep State’s been doing a lot of cooking.

  • Citizens.Against.Corruption USA

    I heard that he was connected to Hillary Clinton. Story goes Hillary hired him to supply generic drugs to Hatti after the earthquake. She raised the generic price and charged it to the Hattians. The last thing she needed was for this to be exposed!

  • james brokeassgarage

    Reputation is word of mouth, I built the rep through weather it be good work, etc! But ultimately I’m not good at what I do until you say I’m good at what I do

  • WakeUpNow

    This has “BEAN” a good vid, you have confirmed what we have all “BEANS” saying all along. The police have “BEAN” in on it. I’m gonna go eat greenBEENS now.

  • P R

    So Block , ajew – says some bs and ppl believe… why dont people listen – he says its not a CRIME TO STEAL from his people.

  • theprintedmessage com

    I like you thought it was a murder. Of course I had no proof. Something just wasn’t right about the whole thing

  • Griffin Walker

    Apotex provided drugs to Haiti through the Clinton foundation to Haiti.. They had expired..the Clinton foundation is under investigation as well as all involved for money laundering including Australia and Canada for contributing tax payer money..

  • Imma H8tr

    It is time for the Quebec Mosque shooting truth to come out! FOUR days of remembrance? We need to know what really happened…time for a dose of reality don’t you think?

  • Sigman Floyd

    Makes me wonder even more now why Ontario used a Giant Rubber Ducky to celibrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary??? ????????

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    You are really finding your game with these 3 in 1 reports man, it is all sharp and on point for sure. The Trudea #SockGate as I guess we can call it is not likely a coincidence – things w politico types are rarely that. He is known for his sock choices as yiou are no doubt aware. The quick 3-point sum at the end here is great as a quick reminder to drive points home and into the human memory banks. Great work as always Dan and Molly.

  • ambr r

    not sure this relates but found it interesting nonetheless:

    The rubber ducky antenna (or rubber duck aerial) is an electrically short monopole antenna that functions somewhat like a base-loaded whip antenna. It consists of a springy wire in the shape of a narrow helix, sealed in a rubber or plastic jacket to protect the antenna.[1]
    Electrically short antennas like the rubber ducky are used in portable handheld radio equipment at VHF and UHF frequencies in place of a quarter wavelength whip antenna, which is inconveniently long and cumbersome at these frequencies. Many years after its invention in 1958, the rubber ducky antenna became the antenna of choice for many portable radio devices, including walkie-talkies and other portable transceivers, scanners and other devices where safety and robustness take precedence over antenna capabilities.

    *Origin of the name*

    Two rumors link the naming of the antenna with the Kennedy family.[1] In the early 1960s the rubber ducky became the antenna of choice for personal walkie-talkie transceivers used by police and security services, including the U.S. Secret Service,

    *which guards the President of the United States*.

    According to one rumor, the young Caroline Kennedy, daughter of President John F. Kennedy, named the flexible device when she pointed at one on an agent’s transceiver and said, “rubber ducky”. On the other hand, Dr. Thomas A. Clark, a senior scientist with NASA, claims to have named it after listening to one of Vaughn Meader’s comedies about the Kennedy family.
    An alternative name is based on the short stub format: the “stubby antenna”.[2][3][4]

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