The Fentanyl Crisis – End Prohibition, Take Responsibility!

Tim Moen, leader of The Libertarian Party of Canada reports on his personal experience with fentanyl as a firefighter/paramedic and how individuals should respond rather than government.
The most basic fundamental of liberty is personal responsibility. Without personal responsibility, liberty cannot survive.
Tim breaks down this obvious growing issue and answers people’s concerns with the message of liberty.

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Find more from Tim on his YouTube Channel, “Tim Moen – Liberty Journey”


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  • Lavette

    i am allergic to all opiates and insaids i use red vein KRATOM it is awesome it actually gets rid of pain with no drug side-effects , rehabs are using it to get people off addictions of opiates alcohol even cigarettes , opiates never get rid of pain and it blocks receptors so you always need more and more , KRATOM does not do that , i have lost over 30 people in my life to opiates i call it government approved heroine

  • Julia Metcalf

    gov’t is never the answer except when you need security & judicial systems. ” turning government back to the people, ” Pres. Trump

  • Chris Jones

    Very informative video told by a guy who knows what he’s talking about. Most politicians are completely clueless on the subject of drugs and only use the subject as a way of signalling how tough on crime or liberal they are or whatever. I guess they’re usually pretty functional people who don’t tend to be particularly addictive types.

    Unfortunately a large number of conservatives are beyond reach on this subject. They’ll literally start yelling at you if you don’t want to jail ’em for life and throw away the key. Any attempt at reason is met with cries of “communist” and “lefty” and “bullshit”. They all think they’re experts on the subject without knowing anything at all about it. That was one of the only things I didn’t like about Stephen Harper, although I would take him over Trudeau a hundred times over. And besides, Trudeau hasn’t actually legalized pot, has he…

  • arthur boone

    if all drugs were treated under the law the way alcohol is, not only get rid of a huge amount of law enforcement personnel and their armaments, a huge reduction of court costs and and endless useless trials, a mass of nonviolent citizens could be released from jails and prisons to their families. once the black market drug money is gone, there is no need for drug dealers and cops anymore!

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