Joe Biden Will RUN In 2020! – But He CAN’T Run From His Past

Josh Sigurdson reports on the obvious beginnings of the Joe Biden 2020 campaign as the former Vice President hires over a dozen senior advisers from the Obama administration.
With everything coming out about creepy uncle Joe Biden over the past few months (and years depending on what circles you were following) it’s truly incredible that he would put himself in such a situation. One way or another, it will not end well for him as videos and claims continue to come out on a regular basis.
It’s all theater and distraction after all. It’s no different than the insanity of Hillary Clinton running in past elections and the obvious fact that bad things would come out about her. It goes without saying that if you do a whole bunch of terrible stuff, if you run for president there’s a good chance it will come out.
Politics is a game and we are the background characters that are thrown down a bottomless pit in order to save the queen at the top.
As long as people keep believing in this system and voting for this system, the perpetual paradigm we live in will simply continue to expand and get worse.

We will continue to cover this circus. Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Gabe M

    This senile old dude did all he could for his party for his country for his family it’s time for him to retire he has nothing to offer this country. He doesn’t have a plan he doesn’t campaign well he’s not trustworthy and most of all he’s a Democrat so he’s screwed

  • Lord betraous

    Joe-pedo shud b in a cage like his buddy Barry Satero(Obama)first gay,crack smoking married to a man Muslim POS!!¥

  • biglance

    #CREEPYJOE When all of the videos come out of him touching kids…how can you run from that?!!?!? Remember the “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” thing they did on MSM via Alex Jones… well “JOE BIDEN IS A PEDOPHILE!!!!” is gonna be the next thing…..sick old man just go AWAY!!!!

  • Lisa Pryce

    Haha – I guess the Dems are planning on another loss! I’m quite sure Trump is going for round two. Or maybe a songe will testify in exchange for freedom and a lot of people will head to jail…

  • Steven Wilson

    How many more idiots are going to run. I vote Democrat for years because of union affiliation, but the party has finally lost all decency and integrity they had. Going with President Trump.

  • thomas gellos

    Great opportunity for Uncle Joey to campaign and travel all over Jew SA wearing nothing but a shower robe and sandals

  • 1videofiend

    ‘GREAT NEWS!! The Dems keep putting sh*t on a stick, and calling it “Our Candidate!”
    Good work “lefties” ‘Couldn’t ask for more! 😉

  • Miranda

    Hahaha….Biden needs to take some time out and watch all the videos of himself on You Tube touching children and fondling little girls. No same person would subject themself to what’s coming if he somehow wins the nomination.

  • Jonny Dingo

    Horrible people in darkness wanting to control every single one of us—– this idea of collective government is failing. Leave it Josh… you and John and your families… I’m leaving, but it’s going to take me 2 years… This is a Roman Empire scene… These “people” are going to start getting really rough and really controlling. Everything is in place. When they come for the guns… I’m thinking that any resistance from the real awake people will be pushed back. Any collective resistance will be isolated, fragmented, then systematically destroyed. Must escape this… just my opinion… my feelings on this…

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