MAJOR BANKS Implicated In Gold & Silver Rigging! – Arrests Made!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent arrests of 6 traders who worked for HSBC, UBS and of course the masters of rigging themselves, Deutsche Bank.
This has been confirmed by a CFTC press release announcing law enforcement action against Krishna Mohan, Jiongsheng Zhao, James Vorley, Cedric Chanu, Jitesh Thakkar and the infamous Andre Flotron.
Deutsche Bank will pay a $30 million civil monetary penalty and undertake remedial relief.
UBS will pay a $15 million civil monetary penalty and undertake remedial relief as well.
HSBC will pay a civil monetary penalty of $1.6 million, and cease and desist from violating the Commodity Exchange Act’s prohibition against spoofing.

This is nothing new. Gold and silver manipulation is something we’ve been reporting on for years at WAM. Deutsche Bank has been caught in court rigging gold and silver prices many times over. They were also caught alongside HSBC, BNP Paribas, Scotia Bank, Bank of America and many others in 2016 doing just that.
Several of the names listed above have been caught doing this in the past as well.

Gold and silver scares banks. It’s an insurance of wealth in the inevitable crash. Like basically every market in the world it’s manipulated. We see ridiculous levels of ETFs flowing into the market suppressing the value of gold. The difference is that gold and silver have historical demand, application, scarcity and value. So the banks will continue to manipulate the market, but it won’t last forever. Gold and silver are both incredibly undervalued. They’re starting to break the bear manipulation in 2018. It just might get out of the bankers’ hands!
And of course it’s kind of like holding a beach ball under water, constantly gaining pressure, ready to bounce and all it takes is for that holding it down to lose control and it will bounce sky high.
Since 2012 especially, gold has been in an artificial bear market. We will see this end in the near future. Gold and silver have seen manipulation at the hands of banks and governments for decades. Centuries even.

Look at the gold standard. They printed far more IOUs than they had gold in the vaults. This lead to a lot of debt.
Look at the Exchange Stabilization Fund. It utilized gold confiscated under FDR in 1933 to establish itself as a fund. A fund with the main prerogative of manipulating markets, especially gold and silver. Later, much of that gold was used to fund the IMF.

But decentralization is always the natural outcome long term. We will see that decentralization and we will see the banking system and monetary system in general crash. Those holding gold and silver as well as cryptocurrencies will be very happy with the results. A monetary revolution cannot be fought without a few temporary downsides. Stay strong and independent everyone.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Stephen Williams

    You guys are dead on i think they have entered the marijuana market too. Every day they reduce the gain we had. ass holes bankers

  • Bill W

    Crumbs for the masses. Fraud in the hundreds of billions and a few million in fines. JPM not implicated. This is an insult.

  • Symbolic Living

    Yesterday I pulled the 7 of swords repeatedly when just asking for fun what the message for the week was. Even though I shuffled for a couple minutes each time I shuffled thoroughly, it was the 7 of swords card that came up again and again ( I also got the 7 of cups a few times when asking something else – seeing 7s so many times, a repeating pattern, naturally caught my attention too). It’s weird when that happens of course, the odds of the same couple cards coming up again and again out of shuffling a full deck of 78 cards, is just terrible odds, but it happens. Freaky.

    The 7 of swords card ce up the most. It represents thievery and cunning, and is in the domain of information, communications, thoughts, the mind, and can be related to finance and messages in the media.

    Anyway, I decided to clarify what the point of this 7 of swords was that kept coming up and so I pulled 2 more follow up cards, the King of swords reversed and the 10 of swords. This is not a good card combination and speaks to power, corruption and big changes! I’m curious too see how this week plays out to see if there are any strong correlations to these cards and what’s going on behind the scenes. Synchronicity is a strange occurrence.

  • sunwarz

    Even if arrests were made, they won’t pay dearly for their crimes, probably a fine, house arrest, and a few months out on good behavior! They always get away with a slap on the hand! Where a regular citizen trying anything not even as large as this, would be in actual prison for years!

  • Nora Clarke

    I’m aware of the bank fines but they’re not enough. Millions lost their homes, lives, spouses and pensions. War, financial repression, decades of labor distortion and unemployment, foreigners brought in to take our middle class jobs, numerous false flags on our soil to take our guns, invasion of our privacy, and things too horrible to mention. Shut down the criminal banks and hedge funds down! Assange is my hero. I’ve been following his work for years.

  • damnright4

    Seriously folks, this is only the ham sandwich variety, wait until we find out “who” sold 10% or more of global production in 10 minutes or less on COMEX on multiple occasions? We may never be given the answer but I assure you it is THE EASIEST to prove and has done the most damage…”spoofing” is for lightweight pikers!

  • wawaldi

    Until FED stops dictates the world what to, do prices of silver ,gold and other commodities will be manipulated ….You can’t with FED ,it is simply too strong..for now..

  • Mark Shirley

    PM price manipulation!!!!!? Gasp! Horrors! Outrage! And what can you do about it sheeple? NUTTHIN! And most seriously think gold and silver are going to save them when THEY at the bottom of the swamp spring THEIR cashless all-digital chip in the right-hand fully captured to space via 5G…TRAP! ‘Spoiler-Alert’. Antichrist IS coming, and he DOES enforce his mark in the right-hand or you can’t buy sell or trade. Refuse and you get to kiss the guillotine, probably in a Walmart FEMA camp. Google Walmart/Giuillotines/FEMA-camps. Baaaa! Kashloonk! Jesus IS coming, but Antichrist comes first, unless you have already done the deal in Jesus blood for your sins and you go in the rapture which allows the Antichrist to arise. Take care, getting real close now! t Read Revelation chapter 13. Not good!

  • Truth Conspiracy

    They just get a slap on the back of the hands and told not to do it again. An example needs to be made of a handful of these parasites and string them up by the balls after the lethal injection.

  • AndreNickatlna

    This has happened multiple times already, these banks set aside a pot of money for covering fines when they get caught. The problem is that the fines are only a fraction of the profit they have accumulated so it’s just a cost of doing business. No one ever goes to jail over this, it’s a joke.

  • M rellum

    In a weird way I am glad they manipulate the Gold and Silver prices, because it has allowed me to accumulate a lot of these metals.

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