The Fulcrum – Cracking the Consciousness Code

The Fulcrum talks to Sandra Kyrzakos about her work SiO and Cracking SHIfT into ONE:

Sandra Kyrzakos is the founder of SHIfT into ONE (SiO), an inspired, not-from-this-world working application into understanding the nature of reality, the consciousness mechanics and the divine intelligence behind the human experiment (yes we are an experiment; an experiment in conscious creation). Often referred to as applied quantum physics, the Work of SiO literally cracks the consciousness code of the human experiment by not just transforming your life but also by the potential and means to transcending this reality altogether, if you so choose. It …. You …. are that powerful.
An avid animal welfare advocate, who lives by the Golden Rule All Life Is Valued Equally (ALIVE), Sandra volunteers much of her time working with animals demonstrating the most crucial role that compassion towards nonhuman sentient beings plays in bringing peace on earth simply by being the living, breathing example of it. Nothing and no one is more important than anything or anyone else. A single blade of grass is just as important as a human being. This is Absolute.
“Compassion is not only how to change the world; it is the only thing that will.” – Sandra Kyrzakos

The Fulcrum is a Modern Knowledge production:
Hosted by: Christopher Russak

The Fulcrum was filmed at: That Channel Studio’s in Toronto Canada (2016)

Musical Credit:

Intro: Tool ‘Jambi’ – 10,000 Days (2006)
Tool Dissectional Volcano Entertainment

Exit: Tool ’46 and 2′ – “Ænema” (1997)
Freeworld Entertainment


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