Josh Sigurdson sits down and talks with the Crypto Couple, Erin Nakamoto and Kingsley Edwards in Las Vegas as we pass the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin and reflect on what it has done for the world in short.
Let’s face it, it would take all day to explain all of the amazing worlds that have sprouted out of this incredibly innovative and fast growing infant market. Nonetheless, Kingsley first explains how he found out about Bitcoin in 2012, getting in in 2013 following the Ron Paul days as people were looking for new solutions to push the message of liberty forward. Kingsley then started the Bitcoin meetups in Las Vegas in 2014, becoming the largest meetups on cryptocurrencies in the city and bringing in countless people over time eager for information, conversations and the latest news. The events are hosted by Hilt Ventures.
Erin found out through working at a hotel in Las Vegas and hearing over the phone that someone wanted to host a Bitcoin event which at first confused her, leading to her looking up what the word meant and the rest is history as she tells us.
This market is providing people with incredible opportunities. Not just investment opportunities but providing on the market that which the restrictive, regulated market takes away.
Every attempt to manipulate the market ends in the free market providing something better and more efficient in its place. We’ve seen that a lot in media over the years. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general like STEEM have allowed us to be able to survive outside of the centralized system and continue onward. It has allowed people to quit their wage jobs. It has allowed people to create amazing new tools on the market replacing everything from accounting, web surfing, gaming, gold ownership, social media and so much more on the blockchain.
What will come next? The opportunities are endless and impossible to put your finger on. It’s just such a wide open market that speculation is the last thing one can properly do. We see that a lot with price predictions. Instead, let’s focus on the fundamentals. Let’s focus on how we can engineer and innovate this market further. Let’s focus on how to get away from central banks and governments and create alternatives in the name of freedom. In this bear market, that’s where the real wealth comes from, that which we create for our own futures.

You can find Erin and Kingsley’s Bitcoin meetups on ‘Meetup’. Social media links provided below.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Erin Nakamoto
Kingsley Edwards
Josh Sigurdson

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