Niqab ban at Canadian citizenship ceremonies, #RefugeeCrisis, Islamic Invasion and Islamophobia

Do we want freedom or do we want a government that babies us and controls us, like an over bearing parent? Do we want to help refugees come to Canada or help give them their home back? Do we stand for or against war? In this video I discuss the Niqab ban in Canada, #SyrianRefugees, #RefugeeCrisis, Islamic Invasion and Islamophobia.

Break Free From Slavery
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Niqab ruling to be appealed to Supreme Court, Tories say

Preventing Persons from Concealing Their Identity during Riots and Unlawful Assemblies Act

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  • The Voice of Reason

    This is still a democracy. (No Sharia law yet) You are allowed to vote for
    the person who would allow the Niqab. I personally wouldn’t want someone
    voting wearing a Niqab. I think proper identification should be
    required of ALL.

  • PianoXfan1

    The majority of people I’ve met want to see it banned and also banned in
    all public work sectors. I completely agree. If I can’t wear a ski mask in
    a bank in Canada, than a muslim shouldn’t be allowed to wear the disgusting

    We elected the people in Government, and I think it’s very likely that
    Harper will be re elected. Canada does NOT vote for judges, so they
    shouldn’t decide our rules. Our ELECTED officials should be able to create
    laws, and I also think we should have a lot more referendums.

    Fuck the niqab and fuck islam.

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