The Fulcrum talks to Anishinabe Firekeeper Kevin Nadjiwon about his mission, his work and experiences as he continues on his life journey of “Simply Bringing Back The Old Ways in A New Way`

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The 8th Generation Infinity Network –


Kevin Nadjiwon is Anishinabe, Three Fires- Potawatami ,Ojibway, Odawa -Turtle Clan, Born in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada. A Member of Batchewana First Nation Band of Ojibways, and a proud father of four beautiful children. Kevin has spent his life living and learning traditional and modern knowledge and experience to help fulfill his dreams, visions and higher spiritual callings of helping bridge traditional and modern knowledge, resources and people together. Apart from his Traditional Knowledge through Elders and Ceremony, Kevin has a passion for education, art, music, culture and storytelling. His Early Schooling was in Modern Eurocentric Schools in Canada and United States. He was an exchange student in Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico studying and learning indigenous culture, markets and people. He has Chef Training, Graphic Arts and Design and has taken a self-learning road as a lot of his needs were not available in Euro-Centric Schools. Kevin has had a vast work experience as a Chef, Forest Fire Fighter, a Casino Host, Cultural Camp Ground Manager and most recently 10yrs as a Procurement Officer and Material Manager with Indian and Northern Affairs – Canadian Federal Government. He has also been an active Union Member and Leader of the Public Service Alliance Canada (PSAC) as Regional Representative of Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis Peoples and a Human Rights Representative for the National Component of Canada, and was also a Local Union President and Health and Safety Officer. He has extensive volunteer work with people, culture, organizations and communities. Taking his knowledge and life experience he had resigned in 2010 from the Federal Government to follow his higher callings, which he then helped start a non-for profit called the “Seventh Generation Healing Network” and helped organized a Healing Prayer Journey called the “Walk For Nations” which took a team of 4 youth and 4 young adults 8 months and 8000 kms across Canada sharing their stories doing ceremony, building traditional and modern networks and unity. Now He’s continuing his vision to continue to help bridge traditional and modern knowledge, resources and people to harmonize themselves with each other and the world around them for future generations with land based projects, art, music and cultural educational workshops and presentations.

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