Josh Sigurdson breaks down the latest news on North Korea as Donald Trump calls out “madman” Kim Jong Un saying “we cannot let him on the loose” and that the U.S. will resolve the issue, leaving nothing off the table.
The U.S. has now put ships in the South China Seas ramping up tensions with China. China has insisted that the U.S. move its ships from the area following a near collision of US and Chinese fighter jets.
The U.S. has also put ships in the Sea of Japan and the Korean Peninsula where North Korea has tested several missiles in recent days.
Of course China has sent 150,000 troops to the North Korean border allegedly in case of a preemptive strike by the United States in order to bring in an influx of refugees.
This as China assures U.S. diplomats that they are strengthening border controls with North Korea.

And now, a massive development, as the
“US Air Force successfully test fired two Minuteman ICBM missiles from California’s Vanderberg Air Force base, which hit a target approximately 4,200 miles away at Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, today Pentagon officials said that the US will try to shoot down an intercontinental-range missile for the first time in a test next week, in “preparation for North Korea’s growing threat.””

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Chief is now saying that a North Korean strike on U.S. mainland is inevitable.
This is an absurd statement considering North Korea can’t even afford to fuel a few jets and fails in nearly every test.

Meanwhile the people of North Korea are waking up in vast numbers from their brainwashing as counter-propaganda is circulated throughout the country and it becomes more likely daily for the people of North Korea to rise up and overthrow their abusive, pathetic government.
But of course you won’t hear about that on the news. The media would rather propagate us into being the policemen of the world and starting a nuclear war.

Stay tuned as we continue to report on this ever growing development.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • 131kimber

    Why does the US need to send warships to attack Kim Jong Un/North Korea? Pentagon/DOD/CIA Could just use their National Defense Geospatial Satellites and target him by his Biometrics – say with biological warfare signal transmission like that which killed his half brother. There not traceable. Only evidence is on the hard drives of the computer systems they sent it from. So why all the drama? Psycho Ops for their Project Blue Beam man made Revelation events? WW3 is looking more like a Hollywood movie

  • Patrick Foley

    If North Korea can test missiles I guess it’s acceptable to test missile defense systems.Shooting down missiles with success is probably the best non destructive deterrent to North Korean military program. If it makes their missiles impotent it would be a game changer. North Korea can’t build them as fast as USA can shoot them down.Anything over international water and space is fair game.Any missiles sent towards the new artificial Chinese military islands may be ignored.

  • Yassine EL

    You don’t think also that usa is Digusting, pathetic, abusing regime? you were at war 93% of your history , you are in conflict with half the planet ! you have no history only 200 years full of blood and genocide starting by native americans full genocide and all other wars! your only value is consumption while bombing other countries to steal their ressources ! so read your history and watch now who is ruling you ! you live in huge huge huge propaganda bubble machine ! much bigger than north korea

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