Josh Sigurdson reports from the desert in Nevada on the recent news following the mid-term election that Dennis Hof, the notorious reality TV start who passed away in October WON the race for Nevada’s 36th legislative assembly district.
Hof from the grave defeated Lesia Romanov (D) for the seat.
This is further evidence of the absurdity of voting and democracy in general. In this video we talk briefly about the history of democracy and what government really means. Representative? You mean 51% enforcing their will on the 49%? That’s supposed to be “fair?”
Just because horrible emperors crushed people under boot for centuries doesn’t mean that a giant collective can extort the masses because it’s so-called “better.”
For thousands of years, people have been voting for “change” and things have consistently become worse. More power has shifted to the religious sect of state and people have begged to be ruled over and over again.
They will perpetually claim they’re voting for the lesser of the evils. Then repeat.
It’s interesting that people believe without government, things would be chaotic because people are bad and people are not smart. Okay, so put that bad people in a position of power over the collective? Yeah, not exactly a well thought through point but people have become so used to the state that they cannot picture a world without it.
Anything the government does the free market can do better.
Government is best at stealing people’s money, hurting people, doing things inefficiently and creating problems to swoop in on later as the savior by creating more problems.
The free market is the individual demand of the individual. Businesses competing for the best product at the best price. Innovating the market. Creating new vast fields of potential and opportunity. Driving prices down. Eliminate legal tender laws with the fractional reserve lending and do away with the enforced usury and once again, purchasing power on the competitive currency market restored, more money in people’s pockets, voluntary societies flourishing, longer life spans, healthier people, happier people, freer people. But no, the roads….

Let this be a lesson to you. Statism. Not even once. Deprogram yourself. Rule yourself. Be self sustainable and decentralize everything!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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