Tim Moen, leader of The Libertarian Party of Canada invites Maxime Bernier supporters to join the Libertarian Party following Andrew Scheer’s close win for leadership of the Conservative Party.
Maxime Bernier was a libertarian who spoke in favor of real free markets, stood up to globalism, called out establishment neocons for what they truly were, leftists in conservative clothes.
Scheer is another Keynesian Harper 2.0 who is unlikely to strip down the size and scope of state. He’s pro establishment and will either lose to Trudeau which is shameful considering a peanut should be able to beat Trudeau, or he will in fact win the next election and become the Prime Minister of Canada and continue most Trudeau policies with an extremely watered down version of conservatism that’ll keep people apathetic for several more years as the global establishment grows.
Are you angry yet? You should be.

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