Peter Schiff On Gold Manipulation And The Future Of Cryptocurrencies

Gold is a safe investment but what about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital on fiat vs gold and whether or not there is potential for digital currencies in the face of a dollar crash. Patreon ➜
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  • World Alternative Media

    He doesn’t know if there’s any coordinated conspiracy to manipulate gold prices? Deutsche Bank, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Bank of America and many other were found GUILTY in a court of law last year for manipulating the gold price. We’ve been in a bull market since 2012 that’s been artificially a bear market.
    There isn’t any theory to it, it’s well known to most in the gold community. :O

    Great work Dan!
    ~ Josh

  • World Alternative Media

    I’ll admit that I’m more trusting of gold and silver than anything, but to equate a cryptobubble free of manipulation and a centrally planned derivative market bubble makes no sense and he should know this.
    ~ Josh

  • World Alternative Media

    Goldmoney’s Series A investor was George Soros. There are many companies like Goldmoney without the dirty past that I’d be far more comfortable with.
    ~ Josh

  • Jhere McKenzie

    …but, if there is an EMP… there is no moving of anything if it is on a card…. BUT, I can take my physical gold/silver anywhere ~

  • viva lou

    Gold will be worth nothing if the economy goes down hill. Do you really think the price of bread will be $3 a loaf if it does? You better look at history a little bit closer. When the economy collapses the prices will skyrocket. You want a loaf of bread then maybe you will need a club to get it because you wont be able to afford it.

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