Tim Moen Offers Maxime Bernier Libertarian Party Leadership! – This Just Happened!

Tim Moen, leader of The Libertarian Party of Canada offers Maxime Bernier the role of leader of the LPoC!
As Tim Moen says, people are sick of the CPC, their watered down conservative “values”, their boring attempts at reaching younger people and their desperate attempts to grab votes without principle.
Tim Moen has successfully built up the Libertarian Party of Canada to what it is today. By far the most charismatic, intelligent person to run the party. He now offers another charismatic libertarian the role, saying he will call an immediate convention and that the party will then adopt Bernier’s platform.

This is big news!

A big thanks to Tim Moen for another great video!

You can find more of his videos on his YouTube Channel: ‘Tim Moen – Liberty Journey’

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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