EXPOSED: EU Leaders Caught CONSPIRING To Force Nations Into Single Global Currency!

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about this breaking news coming from CityAm exposing the secret talks among EU leaders conspiring to force all EU27 nations into one uniform globalist currency, the EURO of course. This is a spiteful attack on Britain following BREXIT.

We at WAM have been predicting this very real possibility for a long time and have been called in return a bunch of “crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists”, but once again we’ve been vindicated.

Valdis Dombrovskis and Pierre Moscovici apparently plan to introduce the European Union member states into the Eurozone by 2025.

The fiat empire expands globally as people claim the “New World Order” is nothing but theory. People blind themselves as the global monetary cartel push for a global currency through the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) at the IMF and turn a blind eye when the military industrial complex attempts to create global armies to create more conflicts, benefit the monetary system and use individuals as pawns/slaves to sacrifice for the “king and the queen.”

All fiat currencies eventually revert to their intrinsic value of zero. They always have and they always will. It’s a debt based system, devaluing the currency by its very creation and causing high inflation.
When people are shoved down a bottomless pit of debt, they’re forced to ask the government and banking system for a ladder up. That is servitude and that is the prime agenda going forward for the globalists.

This all happens right in front of our eyes yet people smirk arrogantly, rolling their eyes and calling you crazy for speaking about it. It’s time this insanity ends.

We need to stand up and be loud. Education, free of public school and government led media propaganda. One must call evil by its true name. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can drive the snakes out of the den.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Camo Dog

    SETH RICH, SHAWN LUCAS, BERANTON J WHISENANT, these are just the most resent suspected assassinations by our government. Look them up if you care. How many more of our brothers will you let die before we stand up?????

  • Old white guy

    That explains the Euro bond. Lol Canada is pretty much cashless now thx to Justy. Not the way you guys mean though. I can only afford a wax paper hat?. Good video. I always thought you had some kind of accent Josh!!! Putin must have a huge bed!!!!!

  • Camo Dog

    Its a war of information. Unfortunately most people get their news from the propaganda driven comedy shows. They feel they get enough through them that they don’t need to waist any more of their time learning about their world. Sad truly sad. How do we break that mold??

  • ON Ontarible

    Why wouldn’t everyone want One World Government with wage parody with Africa. We can live on $5.00 per day.


    bitcoin is the answer to this “global currency centralized non sense” bitcoin destroys this! research read books study this matter its the future cryptocurrency is the FUTURE

  • Ben S Larsen

    oh common, J bird only has our best ‘ interest’ at heart. still haven’t figured out exactly why we sold off our gold reserves. part of me thinks it’s more geared toward a whole digital currency. don’t need gold to back paper if you use no paper at all. probably also puts us on the board for following suit for a global currency. gold will probably be illegal for trade. like “where the heck did you get that??” it’s ours now, or, theyll make it worthless on the market. hence Bitcoin being worth a small fortune.

  • interested party

    I am awake. The EU was created by the CIA in 1948 as a way to control these EU nations. Easier to control one instead of many separate nations.EU has an Army. By the way I sometimes watch RT and find it less biased that mainstream media.

  • RapidRay01

    The Zio Rothschild Bankster ” Money Changers ” have planned this since they first admitted it in the Rothschild Magazine ” The Economist ” back in 1988 !

    The Zio Rothschilds already own and operate all of the World’s Central Banks !

    All the Zios need to do is issue their own Zio N. W. O. One World Currency and the enslavement of mankind will be completed !

    Welcome to the Zio N. W. O. !

  • Liber De Deum

    +amdg+ you already grant your deposits to the bank the way it exists today, they only accommodate you when they give you back your deposits but are not obligated to, take a minute and read your contract +pax Christi!+

  • Square Peg Round Hole

    Josh, John.

    This comes as no surprise to many of us in England. Our treasonous “Govt” has already invoked EU Military Unification. This process was started many years ago of course. There are 4 EU Armed Forces HQ in Europe, one is at HQ Northwood, Middlesex. 100 EU staff are based there.

    There cannot be a Brexit with this in place. We have been reliably informed that Currency Unification is next & that is exactly what you are describing.

    We are currently leading up to a General Election & we know that a pact has been made between The Conservative & Labour parties that major Defence discussion will be kept to a minimum with no mention of #eumilitaryunification. In fact all Conservative MP’s have been told the process is “D” noticed & must never be admitted! The PM May knows if Middle England knew of the EU Military Unification she would lose the election.

    High Treason is being committed under our noses! Hanging is the maximum penalty for the most serious crime that can be committed in England! I am preparing The Gallows! (English Oak)!

    Why is it so hard for people to wake up! The evidence is available to anyone who can read!

    Keep up good work.



  • Soa bove

    You guys are my favorite. Thank your for all your content and Josh, a very special thank you to you for calling PM Dildeau a scumbag directly to his face. 🙂

  • Klavs Mackeprang

    the danish politician sold Dong danish underground company to Goldman Sachs and now has a job with the cleptocrats in EU

  • Maine Man

    To Russia with love boys yup you just got pegged , ah I wouldn’t lose any sleep over people saying your fake news or Russian Agents we know better , keep up the great work exposing these F*%king criminals  !

  • Helder Fernandes

    They can’t do it.. All countries have diferent economic and can’t reach the top goals.. Many will colaps and even euro can go down with that… Remember all south European countries they pass.. All because the diferent economy… EURO is going down not be global…

  • stratacat2000

    For one that could never happen. most people in the USA don’t understand that theirs JEWS and Muslims out there. For your Global Currency to work Islam has to rule the world
    or the Christians. One needs to go 5 billion Muslims your Christians are on the losing side

  • Yasira Osiris

    Thank you I am going to start sending ur videos to all my zombie friends and family although many of them are also awake – many of them said ok we know what you saying is truth but we don’t know what to do – I said to them let’s dismantled it by decentralising and going back to Ecovillages and transition towns lifestyle

  • Free That's funny

    Yup! Absolute power corrupts absolutely welcome to the world of big brother! Need to start a revolution!

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