Robert-Falcon Ouellette on The Bank of Canada, Marijuana Rights, The NAU, Globalism, TPP & More!

On September 16th, 2015, Downtown Winnipeg Biz hosted a debate among candidates running for MP in Winnipeg Centre. Winnipeg Centre is one of the biggest strongholds in Canada and incumbent Pat Martin has represented the riding for 18 years.
Robert-Falcon Ouellette who we had spoken with many times during the 2014 mayoral elections has been gaining ground in the race and there were several things we wanted to ask him about.
Josh Sigurdson was going to ask Ouellette about C-51 which we had a much publicized disagreement over in May of 2015. Someone else asked the question earlier on in the night so we decided to skip that question and ask Ouellette about a subject almost never talked about during candidacy. We started by asking Robert about the central banking system which has been racking up inflation and constantly devaluing the Canadian dollar. The Bank of Canada is much like the Federal Reserve in the US, it’s private. Ouellette debated whether the Bank of Canada was above the law or not but did express interest in the conversation. Respectively he didn’t get too far into it as he mentioned “Perhaps I’m missing the bigger picture.” Ouellette wasn’t able to completely answer the question as he admitted he didn’t know that much about economics.
We then asked Ouellette his views on marijuana legalization. Ouellette doubled down Trudeau’s policy which we quite expected. Robert also expressed concern over Glenn Price’s recent Winnipeg arrest for alleged drug trafficking for his business “Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters” which sells medical marijuana to legal patients suffering from pain and illness.
We then asked Robert-Falcon Ouellette about the North American Union which has been suggested by Harper-Bush-Mexico and Harper-Obama-Mexico. It endangers sovereignty in Canada. Robert says he’d be against it and has stood for sovereignty for many years in the Naval Reserves. For now we’ll consider him against globalism or the new world order, but we’ll have to see his voting record.
We also asked Ouellette about the TPP which he says shouldn’t be signed.
John Doull then asked Robert-Falcon Ouellette about the interest debt fraud plaguing the country for decades causing excess taxation and leading to unnecessary poverty across the board.
We thank Ouellette for talking with us!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Robert-Falcon Ouellette
Josh Sigurdson
John Doull
Pat Martin

John Doull
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster

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  • Iskra Suah

    Wait…did he say illegal to grow it? No that policy won’t work. Citizens
    need the option to grow their own, at least 6 plants per adult in a

  • croutonscarf

    2:44 If one wants to address the root causes of poverty, our debt-based,
    created-from-thin-air currency is a major part of the whole mess. Through
    their government-sponsored monopoly over the creation of money, the
    privately-owned central banks force us into servitude. Courtesy of bankster
    fascism, we get: tax dollars going to pay off interest to banks on debts
    created from thin air, inflation, engineered booms and busts ( which
    economic elites capitalize on financially and use to consolidate their
    control over economies ) , bailout and bail-in schemes which do nothing for
    the average person but reward predatory banks and their board members, etc.
    etc. … the machinations of central bankers don’t exactly work wonders for
    the poor. Real wealth comes from physical commodities, services, and
    property, not I.O.U. notes to banksters. Central bankers are doing their
    best to warp and loot economies worldwide… There’s gotta be better ways
    of doing business than bowing down to a bunch of old-money creeps with
    mercenary armies.

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