The Truth About The Toronto Police, The Quebec Court House Shooting & “Peoplekind”

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Being a police officer used to be a respected profession where children looked up to them as their hero’s…oh how times have changed. Friendly smiles and helpful gestures were soon replaced with black ski masks and covert operations and now the police officer of the 21st century is hardly recognizable as they’ve slowly become more and more militarized. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over some of the issue with the Toronto Police Force in particular as well as an incident that happened in a Quebec courthouse just last week where an officer shot a man in the head inside the courthouse.

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  • J Joseph

    The only way that would be a joke would be if I said it pretending to be the Great Leader. Literally, that’s the only way its a joke.

  • osityan

    why use a taser? Gun was TOTALLY appropriate. Contrary to your suggestions, the cop is a hero. The suspect hit the cop in the head with a solid wooden baton which could have been deadly. Shoot that fucker and make sure he doesn’t do it again.

  • Dennis Jemison

    That MOOOOOSE TuTu Wearing POS!!!!!!!!!! French Frog Invasion!!! I Feel So Sorry for Canada’s Real Citizens!!! JMHO…GBTC&TP…Amen

  • Joe Sef

    So down here in the land of the free (range sheople), it has been discovered that American POlice are given all expense paid trips to the terrorist state of Israel, and trained, (honey-potted, bribed, blackmailed, or all of the above,) to treat Americans the way the IDF treats the Palestinians. Then they come back to their jobs and either abuse Americans or kill Americans (to the tune of over 1100 last year AND the year before,) and I think they’re already coming up on over a hundred so far in 2018.
    Just another example of who the real enemy is, and how deep shit is getting.
    We are all Palestinians now…

  • TropicalCoder

    “Get to the bottom of what happened so it won’t happen again”. Well I think people shouldn’t resist the police or they may get shot in the head. I don’t blame the police. I blame the prisoner. Have you investigated him? I don’t recall you even mentioned his name. Did you leave anything out that should be included? Yea – respect for our police who face the scum of the earth every single day so we don’t have to deal with them personally.

  • Joe takesthingsapart

    Re police: They’re up against violent people all the time. If the person took the club off the police and started beating the cop with it, then the police should be able to use the quickest available weapon. It’s on the criminal, not the cop.

    Violent drug dealers for example, victimize the public all the time, I know because I live in a neighbourhood where this happens daily. The police should be able to shoot these victimizers on the spot. The criminals don’t respond to anything else other than the language they live by – violence, beatings and shooting us, the public. I’m sick of it.

  • porkchop _1975

    Omg. This is ALL much ado about nothing. Are you some Soros shill?? Trying to tear apart the country with your critiques? Who made you the aribitor of truth? Have you ever heard of Humankind? Like humanity? Wtf I’ve never seen people so triggered by a kind and inclusive word. Then you finish with calling our PM a douch? Kettle black much? Not to mention we have yet to see his actual reaction in the video, just his back…seems convenient.

  • Polarison Graves

    So what’s this… a lefty tactic? Start with a piece about an idiot that everybody can despise, then follow it up with a justified shooting to turn people against police… and hope everyone hits the like button? Did you think we hired police so we can watch them being bludgeoned by thugs and scumbags when they end up in court? Unsubscribed.

  • edward mullen

    Hi Dan like the content and your call it like it is attitude, to often it just doesn’t yank people out of their malaise. In my humble opinion we should as a group begin a class action lawsuit against the Fed’s for their blatant disregard for international law and the treaties of and covenants we are signitories to. What do you think?

  • Divergent Droid

    The kid was armed with a baton and there were 3 other cops present. I don’t see how the officer who shot him had reason to believe his life was in danger. I say fire the cop and let the family sue and or press charges against him for attempted murder and the department. Force the department to get new proper training and make it mandatory for all cops. If they have to continue to process the kid for his crimes, don’t do it there but in a safe department where the cops won’t have a personal bias toward the kid.

  • UpNorthOfThe49th

    SMH Fired or retired I am so sick of that being the slap on the hand for piss pour behavior by bad cops. It was criminal so put his butt in jail. Lets see if he lasts long power tripping behind bars. Honorable mention the crazy Romanian Red Head woman who couldn’t speak English or French when I approached her at G-8 G-20 Torontonamo. You have her in your documentary. The nut job with the baton.

  • Mike Johnston

    Oh Canada the home of the First Nations land true patriot love we sold the land to China dumb du dumb with glowing heart we see the rise of our fist Muslim heritage, From far and wide Oh Canada we stand on guard for weed god save this land whom ever your god may be oh Canada from sea to shining sea Oh Canada we stand on guard for weed Oh Canada we stand on Guard for weed. BOO BOO

  • Becky Weller-Parks

    It bothers me that you use the Mason symbology hand signs….WAY TOO MUCH! at 0:58 into the video….had appeared several times….red flag.

  • alexcolat1

    Hey Dan a friend of mine was racially profiled in Quebec. He doesn’t speak french so he wasn’t understanding what they were asking him , so they towed his truck, threatened to arrest him and left him in the cold, all because he was black and doesn’t speak french, not more. He is american so having a criminal file might get him deported.

  • RC

    That Quebec cop should be charged, at the very least, with attempted murder, that’s abhorrent.

    As for those crooked cops that stole and then disposed of the evidence by consumption while on public duty, they too should be charged. Stealing the evidence is no different than if it were evidence for anything else, including murder.

  • Grant Johnston Johnston

    Conservative thought process is regressive and incompetent when it comes to humanity.the amygdala region of the brain is the area that processes thoughts of fear and aggression, fight or flight. Conservatives have more activity in this area. The anterior cingulate cortex region, is the area that separates us from the animals. conservatives have less activity in this area. Liberals have more activity. So it’s no wonder there is such a huge difference between the right and left. And there absolutely is a huge difference. talents and abilities is key.

    Conservative brain V,S liberal brain.

  • Carlos Krueger

    Trudeau is A Puppet of the NWO REGIME…And is Another Marxist -Feminist Pot Loving Asshole!!….Plus the Security Man in the Montreal courthouse said tbey were SHORT of staff…And needed more staff…Sad world we are living in…

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