This High Ranking Officer Just Made A Stunning Admission!

These cases have to be seen to be believed.

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  • Lloyd Davidson

    Examples of poor, negligent and even criminal policing resulting from several trends in society. Stick poorly trained, sub-standard individuals in an increasingly (real or imagined) stressful environments and grant them ever more policing powers with the ability to evade accountability, and you end up with a large and growing problem. When the quality of the individuals still willing to choose a career in policing drops, along with improper training and a lackluster support system, the quality of policing will undoubtedly suffer. I honestly believe that there are fewer individuals available today that can cope with the demands of the job and lack the basic traits necessary to sustain high-standards in police forces. They simply lack what it takes. But these forces are hard up for members and are also required to hire as per “progressive” requirements. This problem does not only occur in policing, but it is highly visible due to the nature of the job. The only other job that comes close, visibly, might be that of sub-standard doctors or military personnel. As the quality of individual decreases, this problem will only get worse. Think “Idiocracy”….only much darker….”Gotham Idiocracy”.

  • ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™

    There are no good cops. If you think you know one, ask them when was the last time they turned in a sworn affidavit or testified against a fellow officer. “Good cops” will never turn in any bad cops. The Thin Blue Line dictates that they keep their mouths shut or suffer the consequences (threats against them, their families, job demotion, transfer, termination, etc). Police DO expect citizens snitch on each other, however. As a matter of fact, police “forces” would be rendered completely ineffective with investigative data collections were it not for public informants/do-gooders.

    Last “good cop” I ever heard about went by the name of Frank Serpico.

  • respect and love for all

    80s n 90s we called them police men …early 2000s we call them police officers…2019 we now call them law enforcement lol …remember where they get their training from ….(ISREAL) kno wonder why cop now see civilians like we are all animals…I’ll never live in America again 4yrs of not knowing if the police are going to pull me over n just open fire bc they’re having a bad day or they jus evil racist pigs….gotta luv Canada we rarely see things like this over here ….opening fire on unarmed civilians wow

  • ZeoDyce

    I wonder what would happen to the person who goes to the officers house and does the exact same thing. Community service?

  • Luke Himself

    The story in TN isn’t too far from me. Police beat the absolute crap out of multiple people I’ve been close friends with.
    They shot my friend when he was 17, when he parked his car in his grandma’s driveway, and they shot his girlfriend in the shoulder, who was 16….
    The cops received ZERO PUNISHMENT. These cops are trained to exert the absolute most extreme amount of force, PERIOD.
    They consider themselves PRIVILEGED, and EVERYONE ELSE is a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN…
    BLUE ISIS, your local terrorist gang.

  • Jana Roberts

    Police Officer’s work for the Corperate Shadow Goverment….English Plantation Inc. Wake up America your not A free Race… are slaves.

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